5 WWE Couples that tried to keep their relationships private

WWE Marriage

There are more publicly known couples on WWE’s main roster right now than ever before. Given the fact that the company is now more open to acknowledging these relationships on screen than they have been in the past, performers seem to feel more confident in revealing details about personal lives.


Toni Storm and Juice Robinson recently made their relationship public on Instagram, whilst the likes of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch as well as many other stars have brought their relationships to public attention in the past few years.

The public attention isn’t always a good thing, though. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, joined a number of other high profile couples in receiving a lot of backlash after making their relationship known to the wrestling world.

Former couple Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy ended their relationship after previously appearing on Total Divas, as did Carmella and Big Cass. This suggests that sometimes the spotlight of the WWE can sometimes work against the Superstars when it comes to finding love.

Aware of this, many WWE couples have tried to hide their relationships in recent years, hoping to avoid the public attention that comes with dating a fellow wrestler.
#5. Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins

Becky Lynch and former WWE Champion Seth Rollins came clean about their relationship back in April 2019, following their respective victories at WrestleMania 35. Interestingly, it was Lynch that ended up making the relationship public, following a disagreement with Edge on Twitter.
The couple went on to share a number of images together that suggested they could have been together for up to a year before they were forced to come clean – after the WWE Universe had spent months speculating that they were more than just friends.

Seth Rollins has already been in a relationship with a fellow WWE star when he started dating NXT star Zahra Schrieber in 2015 and the spotlight that was cast onto her life led to her eventually being released WWE.

It’s easy to see why the couple would prefer for their relationship to be under wraps since social media has often proved a toxic platform from budding romances in recent years.

#4. Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt was married to Samantha Rotunda until they split in 2017. The couple had two children together and were seemingly happy before they ran into problems and ultimately decided to divorce.

Strangely, though, it wasn’t Bray Wyatt or JoJo Offerman who publicly shared the fact that they were now dating with the WWE Universe. Instead, it was Wyatt’s estranged ex-wife who announced that “The Fiend” had moved on to a new relationship.

Wyatt and JoJo are famously very private people and were keen for their relationship to remain a personal matter until they felt the time was right to reveal it. This did not prove to be way that things went down – and, unfortunately, their relationship was then made public to the world, meaning that fans were able to share their opinions on what should have been the personal business of Wyatt and Offerman.

The storm surrounding this news has since settled down. Happily, Offerman has spent the last year and a half away from WWE TV after the couple welcomed their son Knash to the world last year, followed by a daughter – named Hyrie Von – just last week.

As mentioned, the couple value their privacy and were able to keep their second pregnancy a secret until their daughter’s birth on May 29th.

#3. Carmella and Corey Graves


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I’m much more “me” when I’m with you. ?

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Much like the relationship between WWE stars Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman, Carmella and Corey Graves started out their relationship while Graves was still known to be married to Amy Schneider, with whom he had three children.

In early 2019, Schneider updated her Instagram to reveal that Corey Graves had started a relationship with his fellow WWE star Carmella and that she and her ex-husband were therefore no longer together. This really wasn’t her secret to tell, but it pushed Graves’ new relationship with “The Princess of Staten Island” into the limelight – and meant that both Superstars received a lot of abuse in the early days of their romance.

Carmella recalled that she was called a “homewrecker” by members of the WWE Universe throughout the early months of her relationship. This actually wasn’t true, since Graves and his wife had already filed for divorce. Graves’ personal circumstances were one of the main reasons why the couple wanted to keep their relationship under wraps.

The couple has now embraced the spotlight since featuring as main cast members throughout season nine of Total Divas. Interestingly, Carmella also starred in an earlier season of the the show alongside her ex-boyfriend Big Cass.

#2. Zelina Vega and Aleister Black


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Zelina Vega was in a relationship with former WWE star Austin Aries a few years ago, before it was revealed back in 2018 that she was married to former NXT Champion Aleister Black.

Whilst the couple now has their own Youtube Channel and have embraced the fact that they are a known couple on WWE TV, their relationship certainly didn’t start out that way. Black and Vega reportedly started dating while they were feuding in NXT, which could have caused a major headache for WWE writers had they been discovered at that time. The pair working together, though, meant that it didn’t take long for them to realize that they were soul mates and decide head down the aisle.

Vega and Black’s relationship was made truly public when news that they were married leaked on several news websites in December 2018.

The couple had been able to keep their relationship private until then, but have since warmed up to the attention that they receive as a couple from the WWE Universe and have even made their wedding photo public.

Vega and Black have shared a number of cute Instagram posts too, which breaks kayfabe since the couple have recently feuded against one another in a storyline on RAW.

#1. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young


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Been married to this absolute hunk of a man for 3 years. I’m lucky. He’s cute. ????(one time we rode mules around some mountains)

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Former WWE star Dean Ambrose is currently working for AEW under the ring name Jon Moxley, but he met his current wife Renee Young whilst working in WWE.

Young and Ambrose reportedly started dating back in 2013, just a year after Ambrose’s WWE debut. The pair were, however, able to keep their relationship a secret until after their wedding in 2017. There was apparently good reason for the couple to keep their relationship private too, since Young later revealed that she had received death threats from fans after it was clear that she was in a relationship with Ambrose.

The former Shield member was a high profile star at the time and had a huge fan following online, which could be why there were so many women out for blood when it became public that Ambrose had decided to marry.

The abuse finally settled down when it was made clear that the couple was in it for the long haul and Young made Ambrose happy. The intense backlash from fans when the relationship was first revealed indicates that the couple definitely made the right choice by opting for a secret wedding.


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