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9 Red Flags & Sensitive Information Women Need To Know on Dating



Angry loversEndeavor not to be overexcited by the birds in the air. A huge number number of ladies cut themselves short by agreeing to a man with an alluring outside. A man who is unduly worried about himself and things around him will have little or no space to esteem you.

This is a unique issue that has constantly confounded a huge number of people who are in relationship or trying to enter into a serious relationship. Because a man is gorgeous, wears a sparkling new suit, sports some Now and Later gators, drives a gleaming new vehicle, and profiles another Patek Philippe SA on his wrist doesn’t mean he is a decent man.

In actuality, that is normally the joker who can’t rub two nickels together. What’s going on with the person in pants and a T-shirt, driving a Camry, checking his Timex to see precisely when his check is going to hit the bank?

You’re doing everything possible, falling over yourself just to get the attention and love of someone who never values you. Never! Never ever get lost by perishable things tied around a man. For no reason should you allow yourself or your imagination to be captured by a man’s deteriorating resources (vehicles, garments, costly rental loft).

However, on the chances where you will be dazzled with material things, in any event be careful enough to begin with his total assets.

1. In the event that your man is living in his mom’s home for in excess of two or three months — I give a little elegance period — RED FLAG.

2. On the off chance that he drives a costly vehicle, yet leases a loft — RED FLAG.

3. On the off chance that your man wears more than one ring for every hand, more than one arm jewelery per wrist, and more than one jewelry for each neck — RED FLAG.

4. In the event that he is consistently the person who’s overdressed for the event — RED FLAG.

5. In the event that your man is continually burning through cash on you regardless of cost (i.e., garments, excursions, gems) and he can’t manage the cost of it — RED FLAG.

6. On the off chance that your man continually requests to “hold” some cash or anticipate that you should pay while on dates — RED FLAG.

7. On the off chance that he moves toward you with a complimenting, yet practiced line — RED FLAG.

8. In the event that he says he has a vocation yet can’t lucid precisely what it is he accomplishes professionally—RED FLAG.

9. In the event that he discusses himself more than he asks about you — RED FLAG.

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Brigadier General Francis Omata has reacted to news making rounds accusing him of ordering the infamous #LekkiMassacre



Brigadier General Francis Omata has reacted to news making rounds accusing him of ordering the infamous #LekkiMassacre which took place Tuesday evening at Lekki-VI toll gate.

Omata denied the allegations, stating that he was only on the scene to ‘pull back the soldiers’, he also named the officer responsible; one Lt Col S. 0. Bello of the 65 Battalion Bonny camp.

WITHIN NIGERIA reports that General F.O Omata was accused of giving the order to open fire on peaceful protests.

In his defence, the Brigadier General said:

“I didn’t command the soldiers nor was there when shots were fired. I rushed to the scene and arrived about 39 mins after and identified myself and pull back the soIdiers.

The soldiers were from there 65 Battalion Bonny camp led by their commanding officer, Lt Col 8. O. Bello.

My only mistake was that when I got to the scene I was screaming my name to alert the soldiers about my presence and people at the scene picked that up and ran with it”. It was not me.

Lekki-VI toll gate has been the location of the peaceful #EndSARS protest where Nigerian youths are clamouring for an end to SARS, a Nigerian police unit which specializes in Anti Robbery cases.

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