Alexa Bliss picks her favorite between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre

  • Alexa Bliss reveals her pick between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre.
  • Bliss was recently drafted to RAW, along with Bray Wyatt.

RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss recently sat down with WWE NOW India and discussed a variety of topics. As the conversation was nearing its end, Bliss took part in a rapid-fire round. When she was asked to pick one between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Bliss chose The Scottish Psychopath.

You can check out Bliss’ comments at the 7:55 mark in the video embedded below:

Drew McIntyre has had an incredible 2020 so far as a WWE Superstar

It’s been six years since Drew McIntyre was let go by WWE, after he spent a long time on the roster as an enhancement talent. McIntyre improved himself in other promotions, and finally made his big return to WWE in 2017.

Drew McIntyre won the NXT title during his stint in the Black and Gold brand, but didn’t do much of note for a while on the main roster. He got his big break earlier this year, when he won the Royal Rumble match. McIntyre also eliminated Brock Lesnar in the free-for-all, and went on to defeat The Beast at WrestleMania to win his first WWE title.

Drew McIntyre’s journey is one of the most inspiring success stories in WWE history, and it isn’t surprising in the least that many fellow Superstars, including Alexa Bliss, are in awe of him.


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