As Long as LeBron James Wants the NBA Season to Resume, it Will Resume: Reports

Lebron James

With the NBA set to resume toward the end of July, the league has never been more divided. After a referendum in which 29 of the 30 teams voted to resume the season, some have started to revolt. Stars like Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving, and Damian Lillard have pleaded to cancel the season. However, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is strongly in favor of resuming the season and has the support of the majority of the league.


LeBron James urges teammates to play
The 3-time champion has never held back when it comes to the social front and continues to work for the good of society when he’s off-court. His teammates Dwight Howard and Avery Bradley have proposed to sit out the season as a sign of protest. However, the 4x MVP has guaranteed his teammates that he will act in the best interests of the community without boycotting the season.

LeBron recently took to Twitter to share a strong message about social injustice with his followers and fellow players. He also addressed those who said that he has given up on racial issues.

The NBA will be a distraction
lebron James

Players who have opposed the restart believe that the racial equality movement is stronger than ever and restarting the season will make people lose focus. They do not want the movement to lose its pace and fizzle out. Most of the players have attended several protests over the past few weeks. Additionally, others have made donations to strengthen the movement.


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