Asuka looks Absolutely gorgeous and stunning -See Photos !!

One of my favorite photos of Asuka next to her wwe evolution photo and her smackdown women’s championship photo Raw women’s champion and Grand slam baby.

Gorgeous empress always in a great mood and looking amazing ,Absolutely gorgeous and stunning.I missed when our empress had her crown. They should bring it back because she’s as gorgeous as ever ,So gorgeous.

So I saw a video here last week about Asuka yet again losing and this time against Alexa Bliss. I just want to know what has Asuka done to deserve such a burial?? Alexa bliss is gorgeous and talented but Asuka is on another level.

Asuka is the best wrestler in world and the women’s division yet Vince is making her lose again and again for what reason? Did she break a wellness policy? Hurt someone’s feelings? Injured someone? What is it?

She has EVERYTHING, beauty, skills, talent, aggressiveness, dominance, can cut a great promo in her language and can speak decent English but so what? This is a WORLD wrestling entertainment business no? Since it has “WORLD” in it, should it be international? Or is the United States the only “WORLD” to Vince? Also they should put subtitles as well like, come on now.

We all know Kana has a kind and fun personality and her current gimmick shows a bit of that but I’m starting to think Vince is mocking Asuka now. I use to love her new gimmick but now it’s fishy, why? Because they keep making her lose and lose most of the time.

They making seem as if she is a joke and a weak link and that’s extremely false, BS and she’s not a joke at all. I expected her to have a damn winning streak while still having this fun gimmick but nope.

I already lost all my respect for wwe.


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