Austin Rivers accidentally throws ball at LeBron James’ head, Lakers star instantly reacts

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was ready to fight … until he realized he doesn’t have to.

Mid-way through the fourth quarter of Game 5 between the Lakers and Houston Rockets, Austin Rivers accidentally threw the ball at LeBron’s head following a foul call. LeBron immediately turn around and appeared to be going at it with Rivers, who was clearly apologetic as he gestured that it was unintentional.

LeBron James quickly stopped himself, probably realizing that he doesn’t have to fight with the Lakers ahead by more than 20 points at that time.

The King has been annoyed by the Rockets’ antics in the game, even telling Robert Covington and Houston to stop “grabbing” and play ball. With that said, it’s not surprising why he thought the ball was thrown at him.


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