Brittany Mahomes Shares the “Biggest Challenge” About Having Kids Sterling and Bronze at….

Brittany Mahomes Says Daughter Sterling 'Insists' She and Brother Bronze 'Match Every Day'


Just like a football team, Brittany Mahomes values a game plan.

The 27-year-old wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been in Arizona for a week with the couple’s daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes, 23 months, and son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, 2 months, leading up to the big game. The mom of two recently shared that gearing up for that stay and Super Bowl 2023 involves plenty of preparation.


Brittany Mahomes Shares the "Biggest Challenge" About Having Kids Sterling and Bronze at....

“The biggest challenge was packing all their stuff and making sure we had everything we needed for them for a week,” she told USA Today Feb. 11. “Two kids is a lot of luggage and so stressful, making sure you don’t forget anything.”

Looking back on attending the Super Bowl in 2021, when she was pregnant with Sterling, Brittany shared that it’s totally different this time around.




“Way more responsibilities and thoughts going through my head. Making sure they are fed, taking their naps and adjusting to the time change,” she noted. “Having to plan ahead for things and always thinking ahead.”

Despite having these extra to-dos, Brittany made it clear that she and Patrick want Sterling and Bronze to be there without a doubt.



“We didn’t really discuss any other options. This is an amazing accomplishment for Patrick, and we knew we wanted both kids there to witness it and support their Dad,” she said. “Overwhelming, maybe, but that’s pretty normal for our life in general! He wants his kiddos with him as much as they can be!”

Indeed, Patrick recently painted a picture of how much he values time spent with his family.



“To my wife Brittany, my baby girl Sterling and my son Bronze, this crazy life that we are living means nothing without y’all keeping me balanced and making me appreciate every single day,” he shared during his Feb. 9 acceptance speech for the Associated Press Most Valuable Player award at the 2023 NFL Honors. “No matter how I feel coming home, y’all bring me joy and make me appreciate the time that I get to spend with y’all.”



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