Bronny James caught flirting with Instagram model Isabella’: LeBron James’ son isn’t afraid of shooting his shot

LeBron James’ eldest son Bronny James engaged in some light-hearted flirting with Instagram model, Isabelle.

Bronny James is a 16-year-old teenager who is a sophomore in Sierra Canyon High School in LA. He is considered to have inherited the basketball skills of his father and has made quite a name for himself even in high school. It wasn’t very long ago that Bronny James did something very controversial, when he was caught smoking a blunt on social media

The consequences of the same, although they aren’t known to us for sure, were imagined to be drastically bad.

Well after almost 3 weeks of non-activity, Bronny James is back on Instagram, and is back with a bang, shooting his shot on Instagram model Isabella.

Bronny James out of social media hibernation

Yesterday an Instagram model named Isabelle shared a photo on her profile. In the comment section of the photo, we can see Bronny commenting with a princess emoji. The comment did not end up being just one-sided, as Isabelle replied to Bronny with a prince emoji.

With hormones running high for the 16-year old, it is only normal that he is indulging in some light-hearted flirting on social media.

We hope that Bronny still has his eyes on the prize, as a lot of colleges are scouting his development. If he keeps his performances up, there is no reason Bronny shouldn’t be able to get into the D1 program of his choice.

Bronny has been tipped to follow the footsteps of his father, and the Lakers star too his certain that his son should be able to replicate some of his exploits in the league.

The ‘young King’ though needs to be shielded from all the pressure surrounding his life on and off the court. While there are pros of being LeBron James’ son, the media hype and criticism is something that the 16-year old will have to learn to deal with too.

The King has raised two very talented sons and his daughter is an achiever in her own sense. LeBron has really been brilliant on all ends of the spectrum, with his family, on the court and in the society as well.


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