The Bible says, “It has been set before you this day to choose between blessing and a curse; blessing if you obey the commandment which I set before you this day”. It went further by saying, “a curse if you disobey his commandment”. The same way it has been set before you to choose your destiny because your destiny is in your hands now and your choices determine what you get.

There is one great circle that influences destiny in life and I call it “destiny determine circle” because the connections of that circle have a lot to do with your destiny and that is why you need to know about it.

The mind—-Your choice or decisions—-Your actions and words—-Your attitude —–Your destiny.



Like I said, the mind is the fundament part of every man’s life because every success and failure starts from the mind. The choices that will lead you to overcome the battle of your youth is made from the mind which indicates that to overcome the battle of your youth then you have to use the weapon of your mind against the devil. You have to position your mind for God then the Lord will make your life a temple that glorifies Him and the result will be victory.



The mind is the workshop of both good and evil but you will decide what you do in yours.

What you input in your mind determines the output your mind gives you. What your life manifests is as a result of what you program in your mind. When you program good then your life produces good stuffs.

  • The mind is where destiny is made or ruined, the mind is where you discover what purpose your want to fulfill in life, and it is where the totality of your ability is determined.
  • The best of you that is not yet discovered in the world has already been existing in the mind because what you want to do and yet to do in life has been living in the mind before it manifest openly. What your mind doesn’t picture, you can’t manifest.
  • Your mind determines your destination in life and it also determines the road to reach the destination.
  • A troubled mind is a troubled destiny. So guide your mind and you have succeeded in guiding your destiny. James 1:8

The mind is the home and the control room of destiny because that is where decisions and choices are made and that is why Daniel chose to decide his own destiny in his mind.

Daniel 1:8 “but Daniel purposed in his mind that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat nor with the wine which he drank; therefore he requested of prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.”

Daniel choose his destiny in his mind when he made up his mind not to eat nor drink from the king’s table because he wanted to maintain his respect for God and that made him successful because the Bible recorded that he was trusted by the king and was made the governor over other tribes and he was found ten times better than his colleagues. He was better than the best and he excelled because he chose that excellent right from the mind.


Daniel made a life time decision that change his life from the minimum level to the maximum level. He chose to reject a meal from the king’s table because of his loyalty to God and that single act brought him to the great position of his life.

Why I called this circle a “destiny determine circle” is because each of them influence the other and they sum up to provide the end result. The mind decides the choice you make because decisions are made in the mind and the level of decision is determined by the program of the mind. The mind that was filled with God’s word and morals will never make decision to fornicate unless there is something influencing the mind to think of fornication. The devil wants to control your mind so that he can have the power to govern your decision and that is why the mind needs to be treated with good caution.

The Bible wants us to be conscious of the kind of choice we make and the decisions we make because they decide our actions too. When you want to embark on a project, you will first think about it then you will decide on which way to go, and then act on what you decided. That is when the mind influences the decision and decision influences your actions.

Eccl 11:9 says “Be happy, young man, while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, “but know that for all these thing God will bring you judgment”

The Bible is not advising here but telling you that you can do anything you wish with your life but you are reminded that whatsoever decision you make will bring you the judgment you deserve. If you do well!  Good for you, because you will be rewarded and judge in your good ways and if evil is what you choose then you will be rewarded by what you deserve.

It is not a doubt that the mind provide the life a guide line and then we decided what we do in our mind and we act out what we have decided and that is how actions come in.


I made a decision that transformed my life few years back when I decided to trace my path back to the Lord after I listened to a heart lifting message and that is what made me a living testimony.

Many heard that same message with me, as a matter of fact, that was not the first message on repentance I ever listened to but this time I made a decision and that single decision made me act on everything I do today because that decision strengthened me a lot. Once I am weak, the word of God keeps strengthening me and the decision I made encourages me more and more and since then my action is influenced by that decision and the word of God. At the time I decided to publish my first book using my school fees, I was scared but I risked it anyways and I never regretted it because God led my way and since then I have been following that same decision to do everything on God’s instruction.

What action are you making, before you do it, remember that every of your action either small or big sum up to make you what you become at the end of your life. Nelson Mandela acted on advocating for the South Africans and that action made him a hero today, someone made a decision to become a thief for survival and act on it and become an armed robber, someone made a decision to make it big in life even at same bad economy and acted on it and made it big eventually. That is why the mind governs our lives and the actions we take is it outcome and that outcome of your actions becomes your destiny. If you choose to act on your plan to greatness then you will be great and if you choose to work recklessly then you will live a reckless life throughout your life; that becomes your destiny.

This is the reason why thinking produce your decision and your decisions become your action and your gradual actions becomes an habit and that habit becomes your attitude and you know your attitude is your altitude and that is your destiny.

The Bible says that out of the abundant of the mind the mouth speaks and we act out. Samson was the strongest man in the world during his time but he chose his destiny when he decided to marry from the tribe God forbad him to marry. That single decision reshaped his beautiful destiny to a bitter ending. A man who destroyed thousands of his enemy without getting a scratch was now destroyed by his enemy, (his decision) despite that it was recorded that Samson killed more enemy at the point of death than he did alive because his destiny changed the day he made that big but wrong decision.

Little wonder the Bible says that when you lustfully look at a woman you have commit a sin called adultery because the Bible knows that your intention is draw from your mind before it become actions. Out of the abundant of your mind, you say and act; another factor which is like your action is your word.


”In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.” John 1:1-3

“And God said, let there be light; and there was light.” Gen 1:3

The first thing that exists before the action is the “word”. Thought exists in the mind and it determines what you decide and from your decision, you speak out your mind and from there action set in. So the first thing that made your intension known to the world is your word but it’s not visible until you act upon it and that’s why some powerful men decide to act before they speak, so that they might have more visibility instead of just talking.

If you look at the beginning of creation, the world was void and without form and God was alone touring the surface of the earth. In the normal human sense, God was alone but the Bible made it clear that he was speaking with someone and he said “let us create man in our own image” which means he was talking with someone and that was His mind, he was thinking in him and talking to his mind because your mind is a personality on its own.

He thought in his heart to create man and spoke out his word; the creative power. The Bible made it clear in John 1:1-3 that the only man that was with God was His words and His spirit. Little wonder “in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made.

God in the beginning was in the company of two other people, He was there in His power, He was there in His words and He was there with His spirit and that’s why He is called three in ONE. And there He was talking to His spirit man, He was thinking in His heart, let us create man in our own image and after making that decision, He decided to go to the action part, so He spoke the word. His word is power and His word does the acting, so He spoke those things. That is how the formless earth become formed and that’s how human came into existence. He molded man, and breathed life into the clay and it became man. To know more about this read my book “THE POWER OF THE TRUTH”


  • “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God”.

God was presumed alone but by the law of the spirit world, God was with two persons and that was His word and His Spirit. The Bible made it clear that His word is always with him. The important thing that I want to point out is that “that word was with God, and the word was God” which means, you are what you speak and what you say. Your words are always with you and you are your words. Your words create an identity for you and what you speak out is what you are known for.

  • “let us create man in our own image” Gen 1:26

The truth is that before you speak, you had thought and that is why the Bible says that “out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaks”. And that is why the Lord says “let us create man in our own image” because he was talking to his mind, he already thought in his heart and the thought connect the mouth and the mouth speaks out the thought.

This indicates that your thought come before your words and actions and only a fool act or speak before he thinks, because the best way to guide your words is to guide your heart and your heart guides your thought and your thought guides your words and action. The Bible says “Let us create man in our own image” and God created man and I mean just one man, if one man was created from the image of God and who he was speaking with, that implies that, He was talking to one like himself, and that is His Spirit and His word. That is why he made man in His image, with a spirit and word and those three summed up to make a man.

  • “All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made”.

At this point, I will bring out two facts:

Firstly, you word has the power to make you and unmake or mar you because with it you can achieve success and with it you can fail woefully. That is why the devil targets your words because the Bible made a note that “every foolish communication of man shall he give account at the end time”.

You word can take you to prison or bring you to palace, it can make you what you are destined to become or drive you out of purpose, it can bring you to the Promised Land and even when you are there, wrong words can drive you out; it can even deny you access to the Promised Land.

I had a sister who will always not “take nonsense” because she always believes she is always right; she was so intolerant. One particular day she was driving a friend’s car after a prayer and fasting programme. On her way home a car was obstructing the road because the car was faulty and she came down from the car raising abuses, ranting on the man and his car, the man tried to make her understand but she won’t listen. She continued with the abuses until she was tired and took another way home. A week after the incident, she was on her way going to the place she was pursuing a contract and that was the reason for her fasting but on getting there, she met the man she had abused as the director and that was how her words visited her and she lost the contract.

Like her, many people fast and pray when looking for something but get to lose it because of their words and actions at a particular time. The devil spoiled the car to deny her of her blessing because the devil identified her weakness but she could have taken advantage of it with good words and attitude.

Secondly, you have to understand the reason why the Bible says “all things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made” because the word of the Lord is power and you are made in his image which implies that Your words is your power. It represents your authority, you strength and it can be your weakness. Great men understand the degree and the ability of the words they speak, hence they always follow the principle of the Bible that says “be careful to listen, slow to reply and wise to respond because your word is you and is your power. It could take you higher or bring you down within seconds.

Your word is you and you are your words.

To guide your words then protect your heart and your thought and you will succeed in guiding your words.

Your words can make you and can mar you and

Lastly your words represent your power and your symbol of authority.

Your word is a great part of your life and that is why the devil places it on his target list, because he wants to take control of your words to get your life in jeopardy and until you wake up to that truth and guide your heart and thought with the word of God, you might be a victim.

The devil is like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour and he as place an attack on every area he can use to terminate your life but the devil will not prosper if you can guide your life diligently.

The devil wants to be in control to destroy your life and finish your destiny. That is why he wants to control your mind and influence your decisions and control the choices you make and with that he will be able to control your words and action and if he succeeds in this then he is already in control of your life. Hence, we see today that the thought of man is against the will of God and their decisions do not fit perfectly into God’s purpose. What people display today as their character is a product of their mind that controls their words and actions.

Youth, I have good news for you, since the Lord has opened the secret place of the devil then the Lord as solved the matter and it’s your choice to make the right decision and conquer the battle of your youth once and for all.

We are at the midst of a ranging battle and the devil is not giving up any moment neither is he backing off a bit. He is planning to get hold of your thought because your thought is the foundation of your life and he wants to get on top of the roof of your life to declare himself the owner. He wants to destroy you by planting an addiction of negativity into your attitude so that he can control and destroy your altitude. He knew the thought of God towards you is a thought of good, prosperity and not of evil, he knew God wants to give you hope for the future, he knew the only thing that could stop the good plan of God for your life is you taken the wrong path in life. He wants to control your mind and your thought and influence your choice to speak wrong words and take negative action. That’s the goal of the devil and he won’t succeed in Jesus name (Amen).



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