How Can You Express Anger in a Godly Way

How Can You Express Anger in a Godly Way        Verily, I have but never seen a man without some sort of passion. Everyone exists with some forms of forces working inside him, both positive and negative. These completed unique forces, for better or worse, determine what a man does habitually and thus it’s a strong pointer to his destination in the journey of greatness.

In life, no two persons have exactly the same passions. In some subtle respect, one’s passions differ from the other’s. Our passions are due to the uniqueness of our personality which serves as a firm indication to the reason why we were created.

In truth, everyone exists with at least two strong passions or forces fighting perpetually within him. These two forces basically conflicting inside a man, makes a man imperfect and unpredictable in his day to day living.

Ironically, the higher we go in life, the tougher the battle within us and the more likely we are to fail. Again, the higher the position and status we attain the more sensitive we become of our weaknesses and strengths, and the more worries and anxieties confront us.

Life, as a single mother can be both tough and depressing if we do not consciously and single-mindedly settle this internal battle going on within us.

Any man who must go very far must be at peace with his/her emotion. The greatest battle in life is not fought at the war front; it is fought in one’s mind, with one’s emotion. Defeat over one’s emotion is the greatest and the most lasting of all victories.


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