Danny Green could be traded by Lakers’: NBA Champion explains why LeBron James and co. could ship him out of LA

Lakers’ forward Danny Green is fully aware that a trade might be in his future, with LeBron James and co. looking to upgrade their roster.

The Los Angeles Lakers are champions again, after 10 long years. With a championship, there always comes along a target on your back, as now you become the team to beat. The Lakers would like to utilize their time with LeBron James and Anthony Davis and win as much as they can.

To stay champions, the Lakers would have to lock down their current squad. Along with that, they will look to improve through trades and free agency.

The current Laker squad has 11 free agents and a lot of uncertainty. Next year a lot of teams are returning with vengeance(Clippers, Celtics, Bucks, Heat, etc), and a few old competitors are coming back after a down season (Warriors and Nets).

Danny Green knows there is a chance he might get traded too

The bubble wasn’t the best for Danny Green. He was already facing a lot of hate from the ‘fans’, even before he missed a chance to seal the Finals in Game 5.

Despite all of the troubles, Danny Green was part of the reason the Lakers had a good regular season. Now the thing is, if the Lakers want to trade for a star, there are chances that he would be in the package as well.

With LeBron James and the Lakers vying for another title, the Lakers are well aware that they would need some massive upgrades to their roster, as both the Nets and the Warriors would come out all guns blazing next season.

Hence, getting a superstar is very important, in order to keep their rivals on their toes.

Whatever the case may be, as long as Rob Pelinka does it in a respectful manner, Danny Green says he is fine. He’s been in the league long enough to know the business-oriented nature of the league.


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