Dazzling Serena Williams Shows Off Pole Dancing Skills in TikTok Video

Serena Williams Shows Off Pole Dancing Skills in TikTok Video


“That’s what I call a SERVE!!!!,” a fan wrote. Serena Williams has proven that her athleticism goes beyond the tennis court.



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On Thursday, the tennis star posted a TikTok in which she showed off various Nike outfits while in her home gym. In the clip, which was set to Beyonce’s hit “Flawless,” Serena can be seen moving around in the room — strolling, posing and even flipping her hair as she transitions into different Nike looks.
Serena Williams Shows Off Her Dance Moves To Megan


At one point in the video, the 23-time Grand Slam champion — who is sponsored by Nike — walked over to a pole installed in her workout area and did an impressive one-handed spin, switching from an all-black outfit to an olive green ensemble mid-spin — and it was absolutely, well, flawless.



“My #SwitchUp game is strong ?? #Nike #fitnesstiktok #workout #fyp:) #pov,” Serena, 40, captioned the TikTok. And the professional athlete’s fans gushed over her video in the comments. “YOU KILLING IT SIS ? that’s what I call a SERVE!!!!,” a user wrote.


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Another added, “NO BECAUSE YOU ATE AND LEFT NO CRUMBS MRS.SERENA!!???.” “You workout with a pole? ? You are really incredible wow,” a fan commented, while another said, “FINDING OUT SERENA HAS A POLE IN HER FITNESS ROOM IS ALL I NEEDED TODAY.”

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Another TikTok user wrote, “Flawless on and off the court. Slay queen ✨.”

Even Nike’s official TikTok account chimed in, writing, “Queen of transitions?.”

Meanwhile, Serena posted a portion of her TikTok on her Instagram Stories. She also re-shared a post from a user who asked for “more pole context please!”

@rickuk2 #serenawilliams #old #video #olympics #2012 #gold #medal #match #win #dance #happy #star #fyp #viral #foryou ♬ The Next Episode – Dr. Dre

Alongside the post, the mom of one wrote, “?HUMMM LOL I HAVE SOME SECRETS…”

It’s unclear if Serena will show us more of her pole dancing skills in the future, but we really hope she does!


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