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Fabulous Things You Never Knew About Kate Beckinsale That Mesmerizes – Check



Kate Beckinsale has just been cast in Prisoner’s Daughter, a movie about family reconciliation from Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke.

It’s another intriguing role for an actress who has done everything from high-stakes action movies (the cult Underworld franchise) to classy period dramas (Jane Austen adaptation Love and Friendship, Martin Scorsese’ The Aviator).

To whet your appetite, here are 10 things you might not know about this versatile performer with a wickedly playful sense of humor.

1. She thinks she’s a bit of a “Marmite” character.

“We have this substance in England called Marmite,” Beckinsale told the L.A. Times in 2019.

“It’s a yeast-based vegetable spread that you really, really like or you really, really don’t.

I’m OK with being Marmite. The people who like me really, really like me and would jump in front of trains for me. But if you don’t like me, I don’t care. It really doesn’t affect me.”

2. Her father was Richard Beckinsale, an actor who starred in two of the U.K.’s biggest sitcoms of the ’70s: Porridge and Rising Damp.

Tragically, he passed away suddenly at the age of 31 following a shock heart attack.

Beckinsale, who was just five when her father died, posted a poignant tribute on the anniversary of his death earlier this year.

“March 19th, 1979. And we were never the same again,” she wrote next to a scan of a newspaper article reporting her father’s death. “Thank you to everyone who has kept him alive in our hearts and on our lips.

And love to everyone missing a shining, special person of their own. I wish I was with my mum today.”

3. Initially, she avoided comedy roles because her father was so synonymous with the genre.

“Starting out, I was quite defensive of accusations of nepotism,” she told the Belfast Telegraph.

“It’s a heavy thing for anyone whose parents are actors and in the very beginning I didn’t want to tread on his patch. Having said that, comedy is my number-one favorite thing.


I was raised on high-level, amazing comedy my whole life: I spent most of my childhood watching reruns of my dad’s shows just to have a link to him.”

4. Her family home was bugged when she was growing up.

Beckinsale has said this happened because her stepfather – TV director Roy Battersby – was a prominent Trotskyist.

“Roy did a documentary called The Palestinian with Vanessa Redgrave, and consequently our phones were tapped growing up,” she told The Guardian.

“Me and my girlfriends would be on the phone talking, you know ‘bum, willy, fanny,’ and we’d hear the little click on the phone as the listener came on.

And you can imagine some spook somewhere trying to crack the ‘bum-willy-fanny’ code!”

5. Her half-sister Samantha Beckinsale is also an actress.

Samantha is best known for her role as a firefighter in the ’90s British drama series London’s Burning.

She and Kate met briefly as children but didn’t reconnect until Kate was 21.

“She got in touch and I was a bit nervous of meeting her because I wanted to get on with her.

I thought, `What if she’s horrible?’ Luckily, she was really nice,” Kate told The Independent.

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