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“First Priority is That Roger Federer Gets 100% Healthy” – Severin Luthi Gives Federer’s Rehab Update



World Number four Roger Federer called off his 2020 tennis season after he experienced a complication in his knee and underwent his second surgery this year. Swiss maestro Federer has announced he will be joining the circuit in 2021. Until then he will be working on his rehab.

Recently Federer’s long-time coach Severin Luthi revealed some positive news regarding his recovery. He has been keeping healthy and will be resuming his fitness sessions with his long-time trainer Pierre Paganini.

Earlier, when he had surgery in February this year, Luthi revealed Federer’s recovery took more than time than expected. But for the second surgery, fortunately, no complications bounced upon.

“Roger is doing well. Rehabilitation has gone according to plan after the 2nd surgery. No big intensity until now, he will start a physical fitness block with Pierre Paganini shortly,” Seve Luthi told SRF Sport.

“First priority is that Roger gets 100% healthy again, nice thing is that with Roger you still get the feeling you’re on the court with a junior and not with a player who’s rather at the end of his career, those are perfect conditions we’re focused on next season.”

“Roger Federer has an unbelievable ability to look forward in a positive way” – Severin Luthi
Luthi also shared the post-match episodes of Wimbledon Championships‘ final 2019. It was one of the epic matches in the men’s game that took place between two of the greatest players in the world.

That day, Federer vaporized two Wimbledon championship points against the defending champion Novak Djokovic, he was just an ace away from his 21st Grand Slam title, but the Swiss wizard landed up recording one of the heartbreaking losses of his career.

“Roughly three hours After Wimbledon Final 2019 we went to Roger’s rented house, there were approximately 30 people gathered, you wouldn’t have guessed that he just lost such an important match, he has an unbelievable ability to look forward in a positive way,” Luthi said.

With Roger calling off his season, and tennis tour resuming in mid-August, he will be dropping some ATP points. Consequently, 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer is expected to exit from the top-five rankings on the ATP roster by the end of 2020.

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Brigadier General Francis Omata has reacted to news making rounds accusing him of ordering the infamous #LekkiMassacre



Brigadier General Francis Omata has reacted to news making rounds accusing him of ordering the infamous #LekkiMassacre which took place Tuesday evening at Lekki-VI toll gate.

Omata denied the allegations, stating that he was only on the scene to ‘pull back the soldiers’, he also named the officer responsible; one Lt Col S. 0. Bello of the 65 Battalion Bonny camp.

WITHIN NIGERIA reports that General F.O Omata was accused of giving the order to open fire on peaceful protests.

In his defence, the Brigadier General said:

“I didn’t command the soldiers nor was there when shots were fired. I rushed to the scene and arrived about 39 mins after and identified myself and pull back the soIdiers.

The soldiers were from there 65 Battalion Bonny camp led by their commanding officer, Lt Col 8. O. Bello.

My only mistake was that when I got to the scene I was screaming my name to alert the soldiers about my presence and people at the scene picked that up and ran with it”. It was not me.

Lekki-VI toll gate has been the location of the peaceful #EndSARS protest where Nigerian youths are clamouring for an end to SARS, a Nigerian police unit which specializes in Anti Robbery cases.

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