Gabriela Sabatini on Roger Federer: I really admire him very much


Argentine Gabriela Sabatini, who turns 50 years old on 16th Ma, recalled a meeting with the Swiss tennis champion Roger Federer in an interview with the BILD. While Sabatini is currently in Miami during the current lockdown, she has a home in Switzerland and spoke about the time she met the 20 time Grand Slam champion in Zurich by coincidence.


“When we met once in the streets of downtown Zurich, it was a total coincidence. But it happened. ” “I happened to be walking along Bahnhofstrasse, the city’s main street, and he was there with his wife and daughters.

That was a few years ago. “It was pure coincidence, although we are always in contact. When he came to Buenos Aires, he was at my home. I really admire him very much. ” When asked if their meeting caused a scene on the streets of Zurich, Sabatini commented, “Hahahaha …

No, the Swiss are very calm, obviously there were some who wanted to take pictures with him, but the Swiss are very respectful in this sense.” Speaking about Federer’s recent proposal to merge the ATP & WTA Tours, Sabatini says that it would be positive if the same were to happen.

“I think it can be something positive, something very positive. It will be evaluated and I think it will be easier to defend everyone’s interests. It will be a greater power and everything will be much easier. I see that as very positive. “


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