Angels of God

Galatians 5:22-26 “But the fruit of the spirit (device of God) is love , joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law.

And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit.

Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.

Glory be to God that has been, that will be and will continue to be, He that made his word above His name, He never changes, He never fails, He never goes back on His words and that is why His word reveal all truth and shade light to the darkness places of life.

In this battle against the youth, the Lord never abandons his people and he has made available a great weapon that can overcome all odds and bring all the devices and techniques of darkness to failure. He replaces hatred with love, envy with love, selfishness with kindness, desperation with patience, wickedness with goodness, trouble with gentleness, disobedient with obedient, anger with temperance, He gave us meekness, peace, faith and he crucified the flesh of the devil and gave us the Spirit that overcomes sin and never envy one another.

These weapons are the weapon the living God wants us to use, to overcome the plans and the purpose of the devil and fulfill our own ordain and divine plan and purpose in life. That is why he also came out with powerful techniques that overpower the techniques of the devil.


  • HE GAVE US LOVE: “for God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life.”

The most painful thing is that the devil has blindfolded the youths from seeing what the future holds for them. He makes you think that life ends as a youth and makes you do things that will hurt your destiny in the future. God wants us to live in love and when I said love I mean the type that makes you want to help your fellow brother or sister without demanding any sexual benefit, the kind of love that can put your life in the record of greatness when you help others to rise from the valley of destruction, poverty and hunger. The type of love that makes you to share your little or surplus with those that have less, the kind of love that makes you give up something to save others; that is the love of God that can make you overcome the device of the devil.

The kind of love that you will love man and God and see God in man and it will make you hold unto God and love man more. When you love someone, you will not steal from them, kill them, rape or take another’s man wife. You will find it hard to fornicate because you will realize your body is the temple of God and design for your wife or husband.

Out of love, Abraham went out of his way to help the strangers not knowing they were Angels sent from God to deliver the answer to his prayer to him and with love you can make your own fulfillment possible.

This love is the kind of love that makes you have the fear of God, the kind of love that made you love your neighbor and not be able to steal, kill, fornicate or take others people’s wife or husband or sin against them. The love that makes you love your God and never worship anything or any other creature — with these you will overcome the device of the devil.

This is the kind of love that makes you wait for the woman you love without defiling or touching her until the night after wedding, the love that restricts you from taking someone else husband or breaking others happy home to build yours, the kind of love that makes you keep all commandments and stay away from sin.

  • HE WANTS YOU TO BE AT PEACE WITH ALL MEN: when you are at peace with fellow men, you will never hate or take their properties or possessions, you will not want to fornicate or indulge in adulatory, you will not take another person’s wife, you will not envy or fight them, all you will want is peace that will make you forge ahead and overcome the plan of the devil.

This is the type of things that put your mind at peace, you never think evil of any man but all you will desire is how we all can live in a better world together without conflict or battle. The peace that will make us overlook individual’s differences and stay together in one holy love.

  • HE WANTS YOU LIVE IN JOY: the good things about God is that he never hide His secrets from His people and that is why He informs us that in the world, we shall face temptations, challenges, tribulations and at a time we will want to give up but He said in everything, be joyous because He has overcome the world for you.


The best way to live with God is to find joy no matter what you are going through. Job went through hell and as a matter of fact he was recorded to have been the man with the greatest temptation, he lost everything in a single day but his faith became stronger and instead of giving up, he found joy in the Lord and that is why the device of the devil could not get to him.


The devil will test your faith and will want to try and make you fall but when you hold unto the joy of the Lord, then you become unmovable because he won’t get to you but the moment you become sad, he takes advantage of that and makes you become desperate and push you to sin.


  • HE WANTS YOU TO HAVE LONGSUFFERING: Good things don’t come at the snap of a finger, it takes time, it takes process because even Rome wasn’t built in a day. So you have to have the spirit to endure, keep pushing, keep putting your best, failure will come but endure and go pass it, discouragement will come, tests of all sort but have longsuffering, endurance, hold unto God and remember the plan of God toward you is of good, to have a great end, so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will manifest to the glory of God in Jesus name, Amen.


  • HE WANTS YOU TO BE GENTLE AND MEEK: God is gentle but not boring like I always say, and no wonder he said in the present of God there is fullness of Joy which means the church should be a joyful place to be but some Christians have made Christianity boring, no that’s not God. He want you to be gentle, people will want to feet on your foots, they will want to make you sin, they will want to anger you but be gentle, be meek in the mind, for every provocation, smile and be calm, for every offenses forgive, for every confrontation be humble, not because you are a fool but because God want you to be gentle so that he will fight for you and give you victory.


  • HE WANTS YOU TO BE GOOD: I wonder why some Christians find it difficult to win a soul. You are a Christian and you have surplus but you prefer to waste than to give and you want a poor believer to give his life to Christ when you could have brought him to God by the heart of giving. Be good to every man and goodness and blessing will follow you.


I can tell you that the people of the world are winning because they are more kind to people than most so called Christians and that’s how they succeed in influencing the poor. A smoker can give cigarette sticks easily and the same with a drunker but a Christian cannot even buy a book to evangelize, or a Bible. Be good to people and good things shall be yours and because of the act of doing good, the devil will not have a hold in your life.


  • HE WANT YOU TO HAVE FAITH: Hebrew 11:1 “Now faith is assurance of things hoped for; conviction of things not seen”. God knows that you have a need, He knows you want something, and when you ask, He knows you need answers, but it might not be coming if the time or the circumstance is not right, so He wants you to believe and He means believe strongly that He will do it at the right time and due season. Yes, though it may tarry, but He will surely do it when it’s best for you.


Faith means keep believing in God even when you have not seen Him working, hope for the best, ask for the best and believe the best will come even if you have not yet seen it and by so doing the devil will not be able to deceive you or tempt you to sin.


Faith makes you hold unto God for solution when everything seems hard and the devil is giving you alternatives, faith helps you wait on God for answers.

Like I always say, it easier said than done. When you are in yourself; when you are living in the flesh because the flesh will need answers immediately, the flesh will need money immediately, expensive clothes and jewelry, but you need to live in the spirit of God to get all these things done.


  • “For as many that are led by the Sprit, are given power to become the sons of God”. With this you can see that you have overcome the devil and his devices.

To be led by the Spirit means to live a life above sin, a life of peace and love, a life free of envy and anxiety, a life free of evil and desperation, a life of been contended and patience and that will lead you to the purpose of God for your life and happy ending.

When the spirit of the Lord leads, your life become forbidding for the kingdom of darkness because you will be free from sin and the appearances of sin, you will be living in peace, love and righteousness, the power of the flesh will not take lead anymore, then you will be living above the power of darkness and you will be living in the fullness of the glory and the power of God because God is by your side. When the Almighty is leading and you are following then your body becomes the temple of God and the glory of God will shine in it and your life will become no-go-area for the power and the weapon of darkness.

God will never lead a journey that leads to destruction, when he guides your path then he is leading you to a place of greater fulfillment of purpose, the road may not be smooth because good things come with a prize but when you hold unto Him and continue following His Spirit He will help you pay the prize and get the result at the right time and the best time.

When the Spirit of the Lord leads, that is when you become a new creature; when old, bad things and your time of ignorance has passed away and good, new things set in, then you become a new creature. You become a new creature, free from sin, pains, sufferings and punishment of the devil because you are on the Lord’s side and devil becomes far from you.

The sincere truth is that when the spirit of the Lord leads you then you will be conscious of the attack of the devil because the Spirit will keep you aware even before any attack, you will be aware of the temptation and the sin ahead and the Spirit will lead you through safely when you allow the Spirit to guide you.

Remember the plan of the Lord for you is of good and not of evil. God has planned a good future, a successful career, a stable financial success and a life full of joy, peace, love and happiness and with that you can be call a living testimony to the glory of God. Amen


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