Harry and Meghan upstaged: Archewell Foundation eclipsed by Kate and William’s charity

Harry and Meghan upstaged: Archewell Foundation eclipsed by Kate and William's charity


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Archwell Foundation donated a small amount to charities last year compared to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s The Royal Foundation. The Archwell Foundation donated 25 percent of its income in 2021, while Kate and William’s foundation donated just over 80 percent.


Harry and Meghan upstaged: Archewell Foundation eclipsed by Kate and William's charity

The leaked tax documents show that Archewell raised £10.5m last year, the huge majority of that income came from two wealthy donators, £8.1m from one and £2.4 from another. It also took in £3,622.58 from the public.

The foundation, which states on its website “our core purpose is, quite simply, to do good”, donated exactly £2,507,987 leaving it with £7,304,967.




The Royal Foundation, which does not fundraise directly from the public and which took no money from government grants last year, raised £20.4m in total.

It donated £16.4m and, therefore, it was left with £4.07m “retained for future use”.

Harry and Meghan also paid their CEO top dollar to work one hour a week. Former Liberal Democrat CEO James Holt worked an hour a week for a £48.474.66 salary and £3103.88 in other benefits, meaning he was paid £ 991 an hour.



He is one of three members of staff who were paid £132,097.22 between them in salaries in 2021.

The Royal Foundation, which according to its website “is a philanthropic investor in three key areas, both in the United Kingdom and overseas: helping disadvantaged young people, supporting military veterans and their families, and promoting sustainable development”, has 36 employees.

Of those who earn more than £60k a year, one earns between £150k and £200k a year. Four earn up to £100K, two up to £80K, and four up to £70K.



The Archwell Foundation was begun by Harry and Meghan after left split from The Royal Foundation, which was initially set up by Prince William and Harry to honour their mother Princess Diana, and her charitable legacy.

Archwell states its main pillars of focus are “to build a better world online, to restore trust in information, and above all, to uplift communities.”



It partners with charities like the National Women’s Law Center and Girls Inc. In the past year the charity has joined in with The Mission Continues Los Angeles Service Platoon to honour Martin Luther King Junior with a “day of service”.

It is a founding member of the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund and created the NAACP-Archewell Digital Civil Rights Award for NAACP.

Archell, and Meghan, visited Harvest Home for International Women’s Day and highlighted Smart Works, a charity for which Megha helped design a fashion collection.



Meghan has also recently agreed to contribute a cake recipe to a charity cookbook, which was highlighted on the charity’s website.

Archwell also used its “news” page to highlight the publication of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, thanking him for his “courage, honesty, humor, and light”.


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