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“He Wants This Gold For Serbia”- Novak Djokovic’s Mother Reveals His Olympic Dream



Novak Djokovic has achieved almost every fathomable goal in the tennis world. Pretty soon, he is expected to overtake Roger Federer and claim the most grand slams of all time.

Novak celebration

However, there is one feather that he still misses in his cap. That is a gold medal at the Olympics. Despite being one of the best tennis players of all time, he doesn’t have an Olympic gold to show in his resume which would drastically increase his stock.

In addition to that, he is a proud Serbian. This means that not getting his country that accolade still hurts him. Novak Djokovic’s mother reflected on this sentiment.

What did Novak Djokovic’s mother say?
Novak’s mother revealed the emotional toll of not having an Olympic gold to show. She revealed that he was a patriot who wanted to do something for his country for all it had given him.

She was also hopeful that Novak would win more of the one grand slam trophy he lacks in his cabinet – The Roland Garros.

“We hope that maybe this year he will. We’ll see, I don’t want to say anything in advance.”

She talked about the probability of him winning the grand slam race and cementing his position.

“He needs just a little bit more. For me, he is already great of all times, he’s like God. but he needs the numbers you know.”

Everyone understands deep down that Novak Djokovic has the best chances to emerge as the winner of the grand slam race. He’s currently performing the best across grand slams. It will be interesting to see if his dominance is challenged in the near future.


‘Novak Djokovic has a big chance to get back in the Grand Slam race,’ says analyst



The Australian Open will provide Novak Djokovic with ‘a big chance’ to get him back into the Grand Slam race, says Radmilo Armenulić.

The world number one lost ground to Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros earlier this month with the Spaniard beating him in the final to win his 20th Grand Slam and draw him level with Roger Federer on the all-time list.

Djokovic, by comparison, is on 17, but he has a supreme record in Melbourne, and former Serbia Davis Cup captain Armenulić has warned against writing him off just yet.

“There are many stories that the Grand Slam will not be played in Australia, which is Novak’s great chance for a new, 18th Grand Slam title, which would completely return him to the race,” Armenulić told

“If the tournament still takes place, which we all hope, the least Novak will do is settle with Federer in terms of the number of weeks at the top of the ATP list.

“Nole is already warming up for such a scenario, I see that he will play in Vienna, win that tournament and calmly wait for the end of the season.

“I am sure that Novak has already recovered from the crisis, while Nadal will only be able to endanger him at the Masters in Paris.”

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