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“I Just Couldn’t Eat”- Becky Lynch Talks About Her Initial Pregnancy



In a recent interview on The Bella Twins‘ Youtube Channel, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch spoke for the first time about her experience being pregnant. The former RAW Women’s Champion revealed what she was going through and how she was coping.

“I felt sick the whole time, just nauseous. And that was it really,” says Lynch. “I was still able to work out, I wasn’t exhausted but I don’t have that, I can’t like, push anymore.”

Becky Lynch made a very emotional announcement on RAW that she was expecting a child with Seth Rollins. This was only a few months ago.

“I Just Couldn’t Eat”- Becky Lynch Talks About Her Initial Pregnancy

She also decided to hand her Championship belt over to Asuka, who was the number one contender for it after winning the Money in the Bank.

The entire WWE Universe was thrilled for one of its most favorite couples. Becky has been out of action since then, and fans are eager to know how she’s doing. She, however, only seems to be having a problem keeping up with her gym schedule.

Becky Lynch seems to be sailing over calm waters

“And I don’t know if that’s a mental thing where I’m like ‘Ahh, I don’t wanna’ you know. You don’t know what’s going on and I’m worried about everything cause I’ve never felt this before,” explains Lynch, “so I don’t know what to do or what not to do so I think I was a little overly cautious about everything but other than that I just felt safe.“

Apart from this shift from her daily routine, Becky Lynch revealed that she did have a bit of a rough patch during her first few months.

“Skin got real bad and lost a bit of weight actually during my first trimester cause I just couldn’t eat,” admits Lynch. “See I feel like that road life just sorted me out for tiredness. I was like ‘Oh this is a break, I’m at home, I can sleep, you know.’”

It’s great to note that Becky Lynch is enjoying her vacation. In the video above, you can even hear about how she found out she was pregnant in her own words. It is a pretty funny story.

Lynch’s absence has been felt in the Women’s division. WWE had to get really creative to plug the gap that she left. We know it will be a while before Becky Lynch returns to the ring, but rest assured, we will be there to cheer for her.

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WWE SmackDown: Sasha Banks Gets Bayley To Sign Hell in a Cell Contract With a Chair



Tonight’s SmackDown had a lot of memorable moments, but one of the most memorable was the altercation between Sasha Banks and Bayley. It all kicked off with Bayley coming out to the ring and addressing Banks’ previous words about her, and the constant Sasha talk was clearly annoying Bayley. “I’m really annoyed I have to address this tonight, but today I did four interviews, and instead of appreciating their time with the champ, they’d decided to ask the same questions about Sasha Banks,” Bayley said.

“The last thing I’m going to do is give her what she wants,” Bayley said. “I want to be done with Sasha Banks but it seems she’s an even bigger pain in my ass than she was before. Last week she said and I quote “I am Sasha Banks and my name is bigger than your title. Really? I don’t think so. you know what I think. you got a little conceited.”

“I didn’t and I won’t sign the contract,” Bayley said. “I know Sasha likes to call herself the boss. Well ding dong you are not the boss of me sister.”

Sasha then came out to the ring with the contract, and she looked intent on getting Bayley to sign it. She told Bayley to sign but Bayley refused.

Bayley then picked up a chair and went for Sasha, but Sasha ducked and picked up Bayley’s title. Bayley wanted it back but Sasha wouldn’t give it to her until she signed the contract.

Bayley then tried to hit her but Sasha trapped her in a chair and tried to get her to sign it, but Bayley countered. Sasha locked in another hold and tried to make her sign it. She kept pressing down on Bayley’s neck until Bayley signed the contract.

They will now have their match at Hell In A Cell, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

You can find the official description for tonight’s SmackDown below.

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