“I made it through” Katheryn Winnick celebrates new body shape and Stuns in New Eye-Catching Balcony Snap.


Thousands of fans, friends, and family members took to social media to send birthday greetings to Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick who turned 44 on Saturday.



Winnick, who rose to global fame for her stellar performance in hit TV series “Vikings”, took to her Instagram stories to share the wishes from her friends who had posted throwback photos with the talented actress. “Big Sky” star Katheryn Winnick is known for her decisiveness and determination onscreen.



Offscreen, however, the actress is showing a softer side with a new photo. Though she’s always looking fantastic, Winnick is absolutely glowing in a dress she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in France.




Her beaded dress glistens against the sunny backdrop. You can even glimpse the sparkling sea. Winnick definitely looks completely relaxed and at ease in the shot. The “Big Sky” star’s hair falls in beachy waves around her face as she stares directly into the camera.


Tons of fans flooded her photo with comments and sharing how gorgeous the star looks. We know her usual job of hunting kidnappers is pretty rough, but Winnick is all golden and sunshine in this photo.



“Big Sky” Star Discusses Biggest Filming Challenges…The ABC hit show by David. E Kelley is also no easy set to film on. The show was supposed to film in parts of New Mexico and Las Vegas when production began in 2020. However, that was quickly changed when restrictions from the pandemic were set. Producers moved the show to Vancouver, Canada instead.



Further, the actors not only had to work long hours, but Winnick said she actually stayed in Canada for several months. “I was there for a good nine months, up in Canada,” she told hosts Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Rippa during an interview for “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” “It was definitely a challenge, but Vancouver’s beautiful.”

katherine winnick



Though she is used to filming outdoors on location (which she did in Ireland during ‘Vikings’) Winnick said that hiking the area was actually really difficult. “My brother, who is an Afghanistan veteran, took us on this hike. I couldn’t believe it; it’s not even a hike. It was the middle of nowhere, off the beaten path up in Grouse Mountain,” she continued.



The “Big Sky” star added: “We ended up going up this three and a half, four-hour hike with, I’m not kidding, bears around. Death-defying, literally, I was on the edge of my seat, and I’m like, literally going to kill him,” she said. “But we made it through, had some trail mix, and had a glass of wine, and I definitely feel much better to be home.”

katherine winnick red



Additionally, she explained moments like this were memorable because her family was able to fly in and see her while she was filming, making the experience that much better. “Big Sky” had a successful and shocking first season following ex-cop Jenny Hoyt (Winnick) who partners with private investigator Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) as they search for two kidnapped girls. There were several twists and turns along the way in true David E. Kelley fashion. The series is now in its second season.


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