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“It’s Going To Be Difficult” – Former US Open Finalist on Roger Federer Winning His 21st Grand Slam.



The coronavirus pandemic has supported Roger Federer to keep his records unbroken for a few more months. His age-old nemesis Rafael Nadal was about to catch him at French Open 2020, but fate had its owns plans and the tournament got postponed.


Also, his Serbian rival Novak Djokovic would have surpassed Federer’s 310-weeks of World Number one by October this year, but with the suspension of the tour, the rankings were also frozen. And Federer was once again fortunate in this dimension.
The age factor will stop Roger Federer from winning his much-awaited next Slam


Tennis fans are looking forward to seeing a revived Roger Federer when the tour resumes. They will be expecting him to climb onto number 21. However former US Open finalist Greg Rusedski believes over Roger is done with winning Slams, and Rafa and Novak with continue to dominate the sport.


“I think it’s going to be pretty difficult for him to challenge for the Grand Slams when we start again. He will be 39 by then. And winning major titles at that age will be very tough,” he told Tennis365 in an exclusive interview.
“I have been watching videos of Novak Djokovic practicing. Nadal is back on the court and I just don’t see what new dimensions. Federer can bring into his game to win Grand Slam titles at this stage of his career. Only if those two guys are at their best.”

He further reflected on Federer’s five-set quarterfinal match against Grigor Dimitrov at US Open 2019.  During the match, Roger had to take medical timeouts to treat his back and according to Rusedski, he was tired while battling against Dimitrov. Also, he feels Nadal and Djokovic are the only two men dominating the sport in the present era.


Federer underwent knee surgery in February and decided to take a four-long long layover from the professional tour. He was all prepared to leave the top-five rankings. But again the coronavirus break kept him safe on number four and gave time extra-time to recover. Reportedly, Federer is not fully fit to hit the practice courts right now.

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Rafa Nadal and I have had our differences, but he’s an absolute champion,’ says Nick Kyrgios



Nick Kyrgios admits that he and Rafa Nadal have ‘had their differences’ over the years but he can’t help but admire his achievements.

Nadal won his 20th Grand Slam crown at Roland Garros earlier this month to draw level with Roger Federer in the history books.

Kyrgios has a bit of a storied past when it comes to spats with Nadal, who he once branded ‘super salty’ whilst accusing him of being a bad loser.

Even he, though, can’t deny the Spaniard has achieved something special.

“I wasn’t surprised when I saw Rafa Nadal pretty much easing his way through the draw at the French Open,” Kyrgios told Courtside Huddle.

“That’s his backyard, he loves playing there and he has only lost two matches in his entire career.

“Honestly, in my opinion I don’t think we are going to see anything like that ever again.

“Somebody so dominant on a surface he’s right there with the greatest of all time. You can argue that he is the greatest.’

“You look at Federer, he’s the most dominant player of all time, but in this era it’s actually Rafa. It’s a debate you can have.”

“We had our differences when we played each other. We’re fiery, we’re competitors and are going to go after each other.

“But at the same time I am not going to take anything away from him . He’s an absolute champion and 20 Grand Slam is ridiculous and I don’t think we are ever going to see that again.”

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