“It’s Not Necessary to Hit For Him” – Roger Federer’s Coach Confident of Federer’s Return

Roger Federer

After nearly two months of being confined at their home due to the novel coronavirus, professional tennis players are finally able to return to practice most parts of the world. However, unlike his fellow professionals, Roger Federer has still not hit the practice courts.


Federer had already decided to make a stop to undergo knee surgery before the coronavirus shutdown. Consequently, the Swiss maestro has not played tennis since his semifinal defeat against Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open 2020 in January.

There is no stress for Roger Federer to practice
However, the 20-time Grand Slam champion has now recovered from his injury and is fit to start training again. But his coach Severin Luthi believes that his pupil does not need to worry about hitting the balls. Luthi is confident that Federer will be ready to compete once the tour resumes.

Roger Federer with coach snap

“We try to stay in touch, see if there is some news and I think for him it’s not necessary for him to be worried about hitting balls too much. You saw maybe on social media, he was hitting balls against the wall with the volleying challenge. He does that for fun. It’s not necessary to really hit for him,” Severin Luthi told Tennis Channel.

Roger Federer with coach snap

“He is also coming back from knee surgery. At the moment, there is no stress really to feel the pressure that you have to practice a lot. I think if the tournaments should start again, there’s gonna be enough time,” he added.

Earlier, Federer also revealed that he’s not yet practicing as he doesn’t see the end goal and doesn’t know when the tour will resume. Like the vast majority of the human race, Federer is also spending some quality time with his family while staying indoors during the coronavirus pandemic.

roger federer

However, the 38-year-old is in the last years of his professional career and he would be hoping to play tennis as much as possible. We hope that we are able to watch Federer on the court soon.


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