‘I’ve been doing it for a decade’ – Novak Djokovic reveals secret behind his supreme mental strength

Novak winnings

Djokovic is notable for being maybe the hardest player tennis has ever found in the greatest minutes, with no better delineation of it being the point at which he won Wimbledon in spite of Roger Federer having two match focuses against him in the last.

When asked in a webchat by ATP rival Fabio Fognini about what encourages him bring the quiet and certainty he required in those minutes, Djokovic uncovered all.

“Breathing activities are significantly more helpful than individuals might suspect,” Djokovic clarified.

Novak slide into backhand

“An appropriate breathing cadence is a vital aspect for understanding and improving our own psychological, physical and passionate statuses.

“I do it when I need tranquility or after I awakens, so as to have increasingly powerful vitality.

Novak tennic composure

“Contemplation is certifiably not a strict thing, it’s fairly something individual that I do to remain sound, particularly given the tactile and enlightening over-burden we involvement with the contemporary world.

“I’ve been doing it for 10 years, and it’s been helpful both on and off-court.”


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