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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Dating Again,The Truth Behind Their Relationship



Perhaps, the world will never get over Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt breaking up, but, that doesn’t mean the tabloids are allowed to make up bogus stories about the two.


From dating rumors to the two supposedly living together, Gossip Cop has investigated several stories about America’s favorite divorced pair.

brad pitt and aniston

Here are some reports we’ve delved into about Pitt and Aniston.Jennifer Aniston Starved Herself Amid Heartbreak Over Brad Pitt’s Romance?

In November, the Globe purported Jennifer Aniston was heartbroken over Brad Pitt’s romance with Nicole Poturalski. The tabloid claimed because the actress was so devastated, she starved herself. Dubbing the Friends star as a “sad bag of bones,” the paper purported Aniston believed she had a second chance with her former husband until she heard Pitt was “canoodling” with the young model.

“She was desperately hoping they could somehow make things work again romantically, but he’s made it very clear now that’s not going to happen,” an insider spilled. The source added Aniston appeared to be gaunt and her clothes were falling off. Gossip Cop corrected the tale. Pitt’s short-lived romance with Poturalski ended before the report came out.

Therefore Aniston had nothing to make herself sick over. There’s also the fact the Aniston wasn’t looking to get back with her former spouse.

Jennifer & Brad’s Christmas Party

Days later, the National Enquirer alleged Aniston and Pitt planned to co-host a Christmas Party. Obviously, the story was a play off of Aniston’s holiday party in 2019, which Pitt attended. The paper claimed Pitt agreed to host the annual celebration with his former wife via Zoom.

The decision, the magazine asserted, triggered rumors of a romantic reunion. An insider revealed, “Brad’s presence would make a powerful statement to ex Angelina Jolie, as the two continue their bitter divorce and custody battle.”

The source added Aniston “had no problem flaunting their friendship – especially when it angers the woman who stole her husband.” Gossip Cop dismissed the story after a source close to Pitt confirmed the report was incorrect.

Brad Planned To Leave Jennifer?

A month after that story, New Idea claimed Brad Pitt was leaving Jennifer Aniston to go back to Missouri. Using pictures of the actor carrying boxes to a truck as proof of this supposed move, the magazine alleged the Oceans Eleven star “rebooted” romance with Aniston hit another snag.

The publication then purported the actor’s current custody/divorce with Jolie was also a driving force behind his reason to leave because he “just wanted it to be over.”

Gossip Cop busted the bogus story and clarified the photos were from Pitt helping out the less fortunate for Thanksgiving, not moving anywhere.

Brad Pitt’s Love Triangle With Jennifer Aniston And Lady Gaga

However, weeks later, the same outlet alleged Pitt and Aniston were involved in a love triangle with Lady Gaga. According to the publication, Pitt, who is starring with the pop singer in the upcoming film, Bullet Train, was allegedly flirting with Gaga, which was putting Aniston in a bad place.

A source claimed Pitt’s “flirtation” brought back terrible memories of the same behavior she experienced from Brad when he started filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie.” Yet, this was another failed attempt by the tabloids to create drama for no reason. Gossip Cop was told by a source close to the actor the rumor was bogus.

In short, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt aren’t back together, and there aren’t any other people involved in their romance. The two have remained very friendly over the years, but we highly doubt the former couple is getting back together.

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