Jessica Alba Admits: ‘I’m The Disciplinarian’With My Kids” revealing her parenting techniques.

Jessica says she’s the strict parent because she used to be a naughty kid herself! Posing for a photo shoot styled by Brad Goreski and featuring cute kids’ line 77kids by American Eagle, Jessica Alba appears on the April cover of Parenting magazine and reveals her parenting techniques with daughters Honor and Haven! “I’m the disciplinarian,” she admits.


“I think it’s because I was kind of a naughty kid myself: I’d push my parents’ buttons and test them to see how much I could get away with.”

“When I was a kid, I told myself, ‘When I become a mother, I’m never going to say ‘Do it because I said so!’ to my children. I’ll definitely give them my reasons,’ she explains. “Yep, I’ve totally said it — and without giving reasons.”

Jessica also admits that sometimes she doesn’t tell her daughters the whole truth. “I serve Honor flavored sparkling water — she thinks that it’s soda, and that’s what I let her think,” she says.

“And when the paparazzi follow us, and she asks me what they’re doing, I tell her ‘They’re just taking pictures. Isn’t that silly?’ I don’t want her to have anxiety, so I tell her they do that to everyone, not just our family.”

But Jessica says they did sit down with Honor to prepare her for being a big sis to Haven. “Honor realized she was going to be the cool sister,” Jessica explains.

“Now, she’s really into being my helper. When I change Haven’s diaper, I ask her, ‘Can you throw this away for Mommy?’ or ‘Can you get me the wipes?’ She’s really into it. I tell her, ‘Oh, you’re such a good big sister!’ and give her a high five.”


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