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Kaley Cuoco Flexes Ripped Guns In Stunning Silver Dress




Check out ’em guns! Kaley Cuoco wowed her followers when she dropped a sweet birthday message to a friend but all anyone can look at is her KILLER arm definition! The 34-year-old “Flight Attendant” actress wasn’t even trying to flex her muscles because she didn’t have to.



Showing off her unbelievable shoulders, triceps, and everything in between, the blonde bombshell proved she’s not just a talented A-lister, she’s also a fitness queen despite recently slacking off for her workout on her day off.



In the fun photo, posted to her Instagram account on Tuesday, September 22, Kaley Cuoco showed some love to one of her beloved crew members.



Sitting in two separate chairs, spaced six feet apart before that was a thing, the former “Big Bang” star can be seen in between takes throwing candy into her female friend’s mouth.

While her co-worker, who’s opening wide to catch the delicious treat, is in her everyday clothes, Kaley Cuoco is dressed to the nines for filming.



Slipping her jaw-dropping curves into a dazzling silver sequined dress, the actress is photographed with her arm on her thigh and that’s all it took to see her definition. Her arm muscles are literally popping out and she didn’t even have to do the work of flexing them.



Fans were floored with her muscle definition and immediately began commenting on her insane arms. They also took notice of her crazy calf muscles too that can be seen in the sweet treat shot.



Revealing the duo were filming in Thailand when this pic was taken, Kaley Cuoco captioned the birthday tribute by writing, “Happy happy happy birthday @sarahsowitty !! Remember shooting in Thailand tossing candies into each others mouths?! Those were the days ?? obsessed with you- grateful for you- ?????.” She then hashtagged “Authentic AF.”



Comments came pouring in over the fun action snap with many in a trance over Kaley’s arms. “But look at those guns ????,” one person replied. “Arms look amazing Kaley,” mirrored another.



“Your triceps gains??,” commented a third. “Your arms though!” posted someone else. Within just a few hours, Kaley Cuoco collected over 37k comments on her sweet birthday message.



She’s been working out like a beast over the last few months but did slack off recently.

After taking her day off and blowing off the gym for some rest and relaxation, Kaley Cuoco got right back to it. Wearing spandex workout pants and a tight sports bra, the star, and her six-pack, defied gravity with an impressive handstand.

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