“Keep Striving to Be the Best” – Maria Sharapova Adresses Graduating Class of 2020 at Rafa Nadal Academy

maria sharapova advising students

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of everybody in the world especially students. They are not going to be able to graduate with all of their friends which is not something they will happy about. This is why Maria Sharapova sent a special message to the graduating class of 2020 at the Rafa Nadal Academy.

Maria Sharapova

In the video, Maria Sharapova congratulated the graduating class of 2020. And also addressed the current situation as she said,

“I can only imagine that the last few weeks have been extremely challenging being away from your family and friends. And also graduating in this environment must be very different from what you pictured. So, I applaud you for your motivation and your hard work.”

She went on to advise every student from the graduating class of 2020 to be the best they can be as she said,

“I encourage you to keep going and keep striving to be the best in your sport. No matter how many ups and downs you face, no matter how many fears you have, it’s really part of the process and you learn so much about yourself along the way. So keep going, I can’t wait to see where your success takes you.”

Every student would have loved that message from the Russian star who is sadly not playing tennis anymore. She announced her retirement at the start of the year and it came as a surprise to a lot of people as she was just 32 years old.

One of Maria’s main reasons for retiring was her injuries. She had many of them and it started taking a toll on her body towards the end of her career. She actually said that it was a relief to not put her body through that anymore.

The Russian will now be looking forward to a new phase in her life. And many will be hoping that she will be just as successful as she was in tennis.


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