Kelly Clarkson makes fans jealous as she shares cheeky moment with beloved star – see details


Looks like Kelly Clarkson is single and ready to mingle! Or so it seems, after recently sharing a cheeky moment as she reunited with her childhood crush. The star had an 1980’s themed episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday afternoon, making fans ultra jealous when she revealed one of her guests, none other than 1980’s heartthrob Josh Brolin, of The Goonies fame, who the host admitted was one of her first crushes.



The Since U Been Gone singer took the theme of her episode seriously, wearing a mixed print dress featuring leopard and Greek-style motifs, which she styled with a curly and voluminous updo along with bright neon eye-makeup true to the decade. Kelly and Josh quickly got into discussing his iconic 1980’s movie, The Goonies, where he plays the tough big brother.



As she detailed how much she loved the movie and fangirled over her guest, her passion for the movie was so much that he had to stop her to interrupt and say: “I’m watching you now like you watch The Goonies. You talking about The Goonies is as entertaining for me as you watching The Goonies.”



Of course the Marvel actor had to ask who of all the kids was her favorite character, and her answer made them both blush. She was quick to get as candid as ever, confessing: “This is going to get awkward, but we were going to get married, so…” He was equally as quick with his reaction, prompting a fit of laughter from Kelly and instant jealousy from fans as he schooched over in the couch he was sitting, patting on the space he made for the star as if inviting her to sit closer to him.



While she initially refuted the suggestive gesture, it was an offer she couldn’t resist, promptly standing up to sit next to him and the two smiled as they affectionately hugged one another. Fans couldn’t relate to her more, flooding the comment section with quips of envy to write: “This was so cute! I think I’m blushing with her,” and: “We ALL were going to marry him in our dreams,” as well as: “I loved him then and I adore him now.”


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