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Lakers fans, I don’t owe you anything’: Danny Green Releases controversial statement over Game 5 miss vs Heat



Danny Green says he does not owe an apology to Lakers fans for missing the potential game winner in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Everything leading up to Game 5 of the NBA Finals was pointing towards a gentleman’s sweep by the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers had a 3-1 series lead on the Heat, they had their Black Mamba jerseys on, and were in complete control of the series.

However, Jimmy Butler dropped a 35 point triple double and yet the Heat were only up by one with 7.1 seconds left in the game. Danny Green got the ball at the top of the key to seal the Lakers championship; but missed.

This miss lead to a bombardment of hate thrown at Danny Green online. Every nook and corner of the internet had a form of hate directed towards the Lakers guard.

Danny Green finally addressed this on the NBA Ringer Show.

Danny Green says he doesn’t owe an apology to anyone for his missed shot

Green has talked about the hate he has received online before, and noted that the hate escalated to death threats to him and his family.

Recently, Green appeared on the NBA Ringer Show hosted by Logan Murdock and Raja Bell, to discuss the Lakers championship and the Bubble experience. In a segment talking about that shot, Green said, “The fans take the game very serious and they see us as performers. If we’re not performing the way we’re supposed to, then we’re supposed to apologize.”

Green continued on by saying, “No, I don’t owe you an apology. You’re not my boss or coach and I’m not going to apologize for missing shots. I’ll apologize to my teammates for missed mistakes, missed assignments. But no, I don’t owe you anything.”


LeBron James physically tampered with Dennis Schroder last season’: Lakers talisman had his eyes set on Thunder star



Dennis Schroder is reportedly being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers for Danny Green and the 28th pick in the NBA Draft.

With perhaps the first official trade of this NBA offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers have decided to bolster their backcourt. This is also the first trade since the trade deadline ended back in February.

With reports indicating Rajon Rondo’s potential departure from the Lakeshow, the Lakers made sure they had a decent point guard to lead them into the 2020-21 NBA season.

However, in doing so, the Lakers have lost their marksman from beyond the arc.

Dennis Schroder to the Lakers; Danny Green to the Thunder

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Los Angeles Lakers have agreed in principle to trade Danny Green and their 28th pick in this year’s NBA draft to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder will be sending Dennis Schroder to the Lakers, officially, when the trade moratorium is lifted.

The reigning Sixth Man of the Year was a valuable piece in OKC’s run to the 5th seed in the Western Conference. He averaged 18.9 points and 4 assists in 30 minutes of action. He also shot 38.5% from 3 point land.

LeBron James ‘tampers’ with Dennis Schroder during last season

A video of LeBron James hugging Dennis Schroder during a matchup between the Lakers and OKC last season resurfaced online.

NBA Twitter was seen freaking out over this video as they hilariously claim this is LeBron tampering whilst the season was in play.

LeBron James has a reputation for luring stars to his team throughout the entirety of a season to bolster his squad for the next season. It is also being reported the Lakers are already in the hunt for a replacement for Danny Green.

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