LeBron James would make an announcement’: Danny Green reveals Lakers group chat post Breonna Taylor verdict

LeBron james
LeBron james is angry.

The Los Angeles Lakers players are understandably upset over the Breonna Taylor ruling. LeBron James texted about an announcement he would make on their group chat today.

In the hearing for the Breonna Taylor shooting today, a grand jury adjudged that the 3 police officers on the scene were justified in shooting at her.

They indicted only one of the 3 officers, Brett Hankison, on charges of wanton endangerment for his shots that were ruled as dangerous to Taylor’s neighbours.

Lakers group chat reveals LeBron James’s anguish at Breonna Taylor case verdict
Lakers guard Danny Green revealed that LeBron James, among other teammates, was dismayed at the ruling by the court on the case.

Their decision not to try the police officers for manslaughter or murder hit heavy on the back of their minds. James said he would be making an announcement shortly after in the chat.

The Lakers star has constantly been in the news for raising awareness about police brutality and with the verdict not going in Breonna Taylor’s favour, he is sure to come up with some hard hitting moves.

The entire NBA fraternity has been vocal about demanding justice for Breonna Taylor. Jamal Murray wore George Floyd and Breonna Taylor themed shoes in the first round.

Donovan Mitchell made repeated statements demanding justice. Many others were equally as vocal in their frustrations at the judicial system.

LeBron James followed up on his promise of an announcement by sharing a couple of tweets speaking his mind on the issue. Jalen Rose spoke his mind on the halftime show of today’s game.

The whole of America is expecting some more retaliatory BLM protests following this ruling.


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