Man Utd fans finally get moment between Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes they wanted

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Manchester United stars Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes arrived at similar times ahead of training together ahead of the Premier League restart. Ever since the Portuguese joined the Red Devils have been excited to pair him with the World Cup winner.

United organised group training sessions and Pogba and Fernandes both arrived at Carrington at a similar time.

Pogba has not made an appearance for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side since Boxing Day and there has been much speculation over his future.

Fernandes has had a monumental impact since moving to Old Trafford from Sporting Lisbon in January.

The attacking midfielder has netted twice and provided three assists in his five Premier League appearances so far.

Solskjaer has previously expressed his excitement at Pogba and Fernandes potentially playing together.

“Good players can always play together,” he said.

“So definitely, it’s a big yes [that Pogba and Fernandes can play together].

“But I’ve also got Scott [McTominay], Fred, Nemanja [Matic]. You’ve got three players there as well, and you can’t just play with midfielders either.

“But there are many games coming up and I’m sure we can find a good connection between them, and we’ve been discussing that as a coaching team and are looking forward to it.”

No United players or staff have tested positive for COVID-19 with training now up and running again but in a very different form.

Stars are only allowed to work together in small groups and remain socially distant under the current rules.

Meanwhile, Paul Ince believes United must sort out the future of Pogba and fast this summer.

“They’ve got to resolve the (Paul) Pogba situation,” Ince told Paddy Power.

“It has to be resolved. You can’t keep having what we’re having every six, seven, eight weeks. He’s going, he’s staying, the agent comes out. Pogba is not bigger than Manchester United, no player is bigger than Manchester United.

“The way Ole is going, you don’t want any disruptions. He either knuckles down and starts performing the way he should be performing for the money he cost, or they sell him.

“The biggest thing is for Man United is (Bruno) Fernandes coming in. Before that you are saying, ‘We need Pogba in there’.

“Now because he’s been out injured and Fernandes has come in, all of a sudden, ‘Do we need Pogba in there?’

“Does he get in there? I know he (Solskjaer) likes (Scott) McTominay. (Nemanja) Matic has come in and started playing well. Does Pogba start every game?

“If Ole thinks he’s not going to, he might think he can cash in and bring one or two other players in. But the saga needs to be sorted out before the start of next season because next season is a big season for Ole. A big, big season.

“But I like the way they are going now, I like what I’m seeing. I can’t make judgement yet.

“They are not there yet where Liverpool and City are, but signs are good and that’s a good thing to say because I didn’t see those signs a year ago.

“I like what I’m seeing. I like the place and I like the players they are bringing in. You’ve got to give Ole time now to take them where they need to be, which is challenging for the league title.”


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