Maria Sharapova Shares How to Build a Million Dollar Brand


Former World No. 1 tennis player and now business woman Maria Sharapova spoke with business tycoon Kevin O Leary on his “How to Build a Million Dollar Brand ” segment. In the video, Sharapova talks about how the current crisis has affected the sales of her candy brand Sugarpova – “Our products are categorized as impulsive purchases, so people take sweets even if they go for something else.

In general, my sales haven’t fallen and it’s so cool. 70 percent of the stores that buy my sweets still work. It’s food. It’s a shame only for airports that have closed everywhere. Nothing depends on us, you can only contact employees and conduct an advertising campaign on the Internet.

Sharapova had also appeared alongside Kevin O´ Leary on the hit TV show Shark Tank a few weeks ago. The Russian says she plans to focus on her business ventures after retiring in January this year.

She won 5 Grand Slam singles titles in her career. She had been suffering from various injuries over the past year prior to her retirement which had made it difficult for her to compete at the level she wanted to. The Russian is considered to be one of the biggest superstars in the game over the past two decades. She is also one of the highest earning sportswomen in recent years


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