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Miss Independent Indeed! Inside Kelly Clarkson’s Hard-Earned Net Worth and How She Made It – check.



Kelly Clarkson has made a mint in her nearly 20-year career in the public eye, and a lot of that can be credited not just to her business-savvy, but also to being true to herself. Clarkson’s charm, humor and relatability are assets equal to her stunning vocal ability in getting her where she is today: A Grammy-winning singer, an Emmy-winning talk show host, a songwriter, an author, a coach on The Voice and an in-demand brand ambassador. As a result, it’s quite a bit to juggle.

“I like being all over the map. I get really bored with monotony and I can’t stand to do the same thing,” she told Parade of her colorful and varied career choices. However, she noted that being too busy can be detrimental, so balance is key.

“I used to suffer from depression and I could easily slip back into that if I weren’t steadily paying attention to time management,” she admitted. “With all the things that I do, I definitely need time for me.” Those activities include keeping a gratitude journal, which helps keep her grounded and Thankful for all she has.

Thanks to decades of hard work, dedication and living her own personal and professional truth, Kelly Clarkson’s net worth is staggering.

What is Kelly Clarkson’s net worth?
Kelly Clarkson has an estimated net worth of $45 million.

Will Kelly Clarkson’s divorce from Brandon Blackstock affect her net worth?
Clarkson’s impending divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock may hit her in her wallet, but it remains to be seen how it will all shake out. Here’s what we do know right now: Blackstock reportedly sought $436,000 in monthly child support for daughter River Rose and son Remington “Remy” Alexander, which would amount to $5.2 million annually, despite Clarkson having primary physical custody of the children. He also requested $2 million in attorney’s fees.

Blackstock, who served as Clarkson’s manager through Starstruck Entertainment with his father, Narvel Blackstock, also sued Clarkson for $1.4 million in allegedly unpaid commissions. Clarkson’s legal eagles fired back that the company didn’t actually have a talent agency license, which would get her off the hook for the fees. The case is ongoing.

Kelly Clarkson got her first $1 million record deal from American Idol and has sold a lot of albums
As the inaugural winner of American Idol, Clarkson nabbed a $1 million recording contract with RCA Records. While under their wing, she sold 13 million albums and won three Grammys before getting a new deal with Atlantic Records in 2016. The details of Clarkson’s Atlantic Records deal haven’t been publicly disclosed, but it’s safe to assume she had significantly more leverage in negotiations than she did when she was a teenager who’d just won a TV singing contest!

Over the course of her career since American Idol, Clarkson has sold a total of 25 million albums and 45 million singles. To date, her bestselling album has been 2004’s Breakaway, moving 6.5 million units, with her debut Thankful clocking in next with more than 2 million copies sold.

Clarkson’s bestselling singles include “Miss Independent,” “Since U Been Gone,” “Breakaway,” “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” “Stronger,” “Because Of You,” “My Life Would Suck Without You,” “Already Gone,” “Catch My Breath” and “Piece By Piece.”

Clarkson’s Christmas album, Wrapped In Red, is also a modern holiday classic and one of the bestselling holiday albums of the 2000s, and was named “the Christmas album of the century” by Billboard.

Kelly Clarkson’s tour revenues are stellar

Clarkson has made a total career tour revenue (so far!) of $60.5 million. Her highest-grossing tour was her Meaning of Life Tour, selling out all 28 dates and raking in $17.5 million for 275,000 tickets. Her Addicted Tour in 2006 grossed $1.385 million in just two dates at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach in Long Island, New York, with the tour as a whole bringing in $9.1 million. Her Breakaway Tour netted $9.7 million, putting her behind only Carrie Underwood in terms of American Idol alum tour gross totals.

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Kelly Clarkson has a few acting credits

Clarkson would rather forget her 2003 film From Justin to Kelly, in which she co-starred with American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini, but we can’t let it go! She recalled to The Los Angeles Times of the film, “It was a very miserable time of my life I feel like it’s one of those things where, ‘There are plenty of people that would love to do this—why don’t you ask one of them?’” Unfortunately for Clarkson, it was part of her Idol contract: “I talked to many lawyers and could not get out of the movie,” she admitted.

Clarkson’s other early acting credits included small roles on shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and That ’80s Show, as well as playing singer Brenda Lee on music-themed show American Dreams.
From 2004 to 2016, Clarkson avoided acting with the exception of voicing herself in a 2011 episode of Phineas and Ferb. She returned to voice acting in 2017 with The Star, followed by UglyDolls and Trolls World Tour in 2019.

Kelly Clarkson’s The Voice salary isn’t too shabby

According to Variety, Clarkson makes a cool $14 million per season of The Voice. She was a full-time coach from Season 14 through Season 20 after being a part-time advisor on Seasons 2 and 13. Not only is Clarkson a fan favorite on the NBC ratings juggernaut, but she’s also a great coach: She won Seasons 14 (her first!), 15 and 17 of the competition series.

She told Parade in 2011 of her choice to sign on to what would be her third stint on a music-themed competition show, “I’m a sucker for them! I love The Voice. Blake [Shelton] is a friend of mine, and he’s one of the judges, so I watched it for that, and then I fell in love with the show. I still watch Idol, and it’s still the No. 1 show, so obviously I’m not the only one who loves to sit at home and be entertained.”

The Voice wasn’t Kelly Clarkson’s first time judging and coaching a music competition show
Of course, Clarkson rose to fame on American Idol and then used that infamy to kickstart her coaching gig on The Voice, but did you know there was actually a show in between all of those where she coached vocalists alongside fellow The Voice coach John Legend? Yup: Clarkson and Legend worked alongside Robin Thicke and Jennifer Nettles on the short-lived singing competition series Duets on ABC in 2012. The show only ran for a single season, with Clarkson’s duet partner, Jason Farol, coming in third place.

Kelly Clarkson is an author

Clarkson is the author of the 2016 children’s book River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, inspired by her daughter. She admitted to Publisher’s Weekly that writing a children’s book and writing music are quite different, and that she initially didn’t feel quite so prepared to write the book (though obviously, it turned out great!).

“Oh, girl, it’s night and day different! I loved Shel Silverstein and all kinds of poetry when I was growing up–it had a flow and almost a musicality to it. And I’d been writing songs for a long time. I thought, ‘This will come easy to me,’” she recalled. “But writing a children’s book is so much harder! It’s a whole different beast. David Linker [executive editor at HarperCollins] would remind me that I had to think about how a child would read it, and how it could flow better for them–to come at it from how a kid thinks. The meter and flow is just totally different than what I’m used to and it was pretty difficult.”

Kelly Clarkson has had quite a few endorsement deals

Throughout her career, Clarkson’s wholesome, down-to-Earth image and approachability have made her a lucrative endorsement partner. She’s worked with brands including TreSemme, Wayfair, Amazon, Apple, Toyota, Vitamin Water, American Greetings, Candie’s, NASCAR, Citizen, Ford, Proactiv and Norwegian Cruise Lines, to name a few!

The Kelly Clarkson Show is a hit, so she’ll likely be on air for a while

The Kelly Clarkson Show debuted in 2019 to stellar success, averaging 2 million viewers per episode in just the months after its premiere. Though Clarkson’s salary hasn’t been revealed publicly, she isn’t just the host of the talk show. She also serves as an executive producer, so she earns even more cash from her couch-side chats. She’s also won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show. Not bad for a newbie!

In December 2020, it was announced that The Kelly Clarkson Show would be renewed through 2023. “The Kelly Clarkson Show is one of the most optimistic success stories in first-run syndication,” Valari Staab, president, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations, told Deadline. “Kelly is a beloved performer and host with deep roots at NBC and we are delighted to have her continue to be a very important and treasured part of our stations’ programming.”

Kelly Clarkson is an in-demand hostess with the mostess

In addition to hosting The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson has also hosted the Billboard Music Awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020, also being credited as a producer on the show.

Kelly Clarkson owns some seriously sweet real estate

In addition to her cashflow, Clarkson also has some great investments in terms of property.

In 2012, Clarkson purchased a stunning, sprawling mansion in Henderson, Tennessee for $3 million, bought a Montana cabin-style home for $2 million in 2015, and plunked down $8.5 million on an Encino, California, mansion in 2018. Following her divorce filing from Blackstock, Clarkson listed the Encino home for $9.95 million and the Henderson property for $7.5 million, which would put her ahead by a cool $6 million.

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