My girlfriend sleeps with 20 men a day before I sleep with her-Man shares story

A young Ghanaian man has shared his experience of dating his girlfriend who also was a prostitute and sleeps with 20 men a day before he also bonks her.

Speaking on Kingdom FM, the young man said that though he was aware of the job his girlfriend was into he had no option than to stick around.

The young man named Wilson explained that the said lady would work all day and afterwards he would also have his turn and spend the night in her room to also enjoy the ‘last hour cont’.

His reason for being unbothered about the number of men she slept with before coming to him was that the lady[his prostitute girlfriend] used the money she gets from clients to pay for his school fees.

Wilson reminisced those times at Asafo, a suburb in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region where he would have to stay outside even on weekends for his then prostitute girlfriend to finish with costumers before he could sleep for the next day.

Asked by the host, if he was scared of contracting a sexually transmitted disease those times he lived with the prostitute.

Wilson replied that “never did he got frightened by any of that because he protected himself always whenever he banged her”.

Some people get some big heart oo eii.. Inside life…….


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