‘Myth-controlling PR!’ Fears Meghan Markle podcast will centre on bitter score-settling – see photos


FEARS that Meghan Markle’s upcoming podcast will centre on bitter score-settling have emerged from a royal expert. Speaking about Meghan Markle’s long-awaited podcast series, set to be released this summer, journalist Jan Moir claimed the podcast may be used by the Duchess to “get even”. She said: “Drum-roll, please. It was part of an £18 million contract and has been nearly two years in the making but, hallelujah, it is here at last.



No, not the latest stretch of Crossrail or a new cancer ward for the little kiddies, but the Duchess of Sussex’s much-trumpeted Spotify podcast.” She added: “Called Archetypes, the series will be launching soon, with Meghan promising to use the broadcasts to look at the way women are portrayed in the media and ‘the labels that try to hold them back’. “Uh-oh. I think I can see where this is going.” Writing in the Daily Mail, Ms Moir suggested a more accurate title for the podcast would be: “The One Where I Get Even With Every Bad Bi* Who Ever B**ed About Me”.



The commentator believes that the true agenda of the series will be one of “myth-controlling PR”. The podcast was borne out of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s £18million deal with Spotify, signed in December 2020. ‘Archetypes’, hosted by Meghan Markle, aims to investigate “labels that try to hold women back”. In the trailer for the podcast, the Duchess of Sussex said: “This is how we talk about women: the words that raise our girls, and how the media reflects women back to us… but where do these stereotypes come from?n”And how do they keep showing up and defining our lives?



“I’m Meghan and this is Archetypes – the podcast where we dissect, explore and subvert the labels that try to hold women back.n”I’ll have conversations with women who know all too well how these typecasts shape our narratives. “And I’ll talk to historians to understand how we even got here in the first place.” Questioning the title of the series, Mr Moir pointed out that Meghan’s title from the show is in error, because the Duchess was talking about stereotypes as opposed to archetypes. Her scathing attack comes after it was revealed that Meghan is trying to trademark the word “archetypes” earlier this week. Archewell audio reportedly made the application at the United States Patent and Trademark Office last month.


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