Youths in Nigeria training

Youths in Nigeria trained       A computer system only malfunctions when there is a problem or a fault in some sensitive areas in the internal make-up of the system. That you cannot repair the system does not mean it’s useless and should be thrown away. If you take it to another expert, he might proffer the appropriate solutions to it. Otherwise, if given to the manufacturer, surely and timely he will re-do, refurbish, renovate and possibly remake it.

By the same token, no one is useless. That you cannot change a person for good does not mean he/she is useless and cannot be changed. If you handover such a person to another repairer/ counselor, he/she may be more diplomatic and patiently transform him to have a good and honorable life. Otherwise, if you submit such a person wholly and entirely to God, He is sure to change, repackage, convert and translate him into a new creature.

Effectively, no one is beyond repair,  no one cannot  be converted, changed or transmuted into a positive and productive citizen if given to a suitable repairer with divine insight, wisdom and due experiences.
All can have a gainful and happy life; all can be empowered and upgraded to fulfill their destinies in life. “For I know my thought towards you, a thought of good and not of evil so that you might have expected end”.

Nothing is more understanding than lending a helping hand to our subordinate to climb up: a helping hand for the weak to become strong. It takes character, and understanding to do so.



Youths in Nigeria training

Yes! No one is bad or useless. Everyone can have a good life and become a superman/ superwoman if he can change his/her circle of friends. You can have a productive and a successful life if you can make enough interactions with people whose lives are productive and successful.

You are the sum of your friends both the good and the bad. 90% of the things you are doing now are being influenced by that which you see and hear people around you do and say. Your current life therefore, is a summary of everything around you both the positive and the negative things.

No child is good or bad. Every child is a representation or a reflection of the home and environment that begot him. Effectively, our adult life is a summation of every single body, thing and event we encountered from the day of birth, whether consciously or unconsciously.

In brief, you are not loosed. Perhaps, you are only an individual living within a dysfunctional home, unhealthy environment and loosed friends.

In time, you will have a divine encounter with your true-self, and unlocked your destiny to full measures. For whatever that is behind us, and what is ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what is within us. Our greatest challenge in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of inner-selves. Man’s greatest enemy comes when himself is stopping himself from moving himself to a greater height.


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