Novak Djokovic says he wants on-court coaching to be implemented, but with one major condition

Novak acted

Tennis is on an upheld break right now because of the continuous coronavirus emergency, inciting numerous players to fill the void by having Instagram webchats with one another to examine everything tennis.

What’s more, while conversing with Fabio Fognini, the discussion went to advancement.

“I’m generally for advancement,” world number one Djokovic said.

“I imagine that the tennis business needs to continue developing.

“One thing I’d prefer to chip away at is bringing down the age of the fan-base, since I’m informed that in the US and in Europe it’s for the most part over 60 years of age.

“Concerning rules, I like the experimentation done during the NextGen Finals in Milan.

“I imagine that on-court training ought to be executed, yet without letting the group hear what is being stated, in light of the fact that it would absolutely arrive at the ears of the rival’s group.”

The WTA are at present revealing an analysis with on-court instructing, however starting at yet the ATP have not stuck to this same pattern.


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