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Novak Djokovic talks about 2019 Wimbledon final against Roger Federer



Taking advantage of the period of inactivity, Novak Djokovic held a number of video chats to answer questions about his career and history. One of them, perhaps one of the most notable, was held on Instagram Live with Andy Murray.

Recently, Djokovic had an interview with Sky Sport Italia and talked about the other two members of the Big Four: Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The topic? The best tennis matches he has ever played. When asked what he thought of the 2019 Wimbledon final, which he played against Federer, the Serbian said: “It was one of the two most beautiful matches I played, along with the final with Rafa in Australia in 2012.

They are unique matches, everything happened. From a technical point of view, the quality of Roger’s game was excellent from the first to the last point, the numbers also say so. I played the decisive points well, I didn’t miss a ball in the three tie-breaks and maybe it was the first time in my career.

These matches happen once or twice in a career and I’m grateful to have been able to fight against a great player like Roger on a prestigious stage like the Central Court of Wimbledon”. Djokovic won the 2019 Wimbledon title by saving two match points against the Swiss Maestro in a final that sent the tennis community into a frenzy.

The encounter lasted almost five hours and concluded 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 13-12. In the same interview, Djokovic revealed how Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were also part of the reason why he nearly quit professional tennis in 2010.

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Brigadier General Francis Omata has reacted to news making rounds accusing him of ordering the infamous #LekkiMassacre



Brigadier General Francis Omata has reacted to news making rounds accusing him of ordering the infamous #LekkiMassacre which took place Tuesday evening at Lekki-VI toll gate.

Omata denied the allegations, stating that he was only on the scene to ‘pull back the soldiers’, he also named the officer responsible; one Lt Col S. 0. Bello of the 65 Battalion Bonny camp.

WITHIN NIGERIA reports that General F.O Omata was accused of giving the order to open fire on peaceful protests.

In his defence, the Brigadier General said:

“I didn’t command the soldiers nor was there when shots were fired. I rushed to the scene and arrived about 39 mins after and identified myself and pull back the soIdiers.

The soldiers were from there 65 Battalion Bonny camp led by their commanding officer, Lt Col 8. O. Bello.

My only mistake was that when I got to the scene I was screaming my name to alert the soldiers about my presence and people at the scene picked that up and ran with it”. It was not me.

Lekki-VI toll gate has been the location of the peaceful #EndSARS protest where Nigerian youths are clamouring for an end to SARS, a Nigerian police unit which specializes in Anti Robbery cases.

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