Novak Djokovic’s US Open and Madrid Open Participation Gets Major Boost After Recent Order

Novak Djokovic display

The ATP recently unveiled a grueling schedule for the rest of 2020. In this schedule, there is only a day’s gap between the US Open and the Madrid Masters, which makes it impossible to play both. However, a recent order may allow players like Novak Djokovic to play both events.

Playing US Open And Madrid Masters
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people are being quarantined before entering the country. This is why playing the US Open and the Madrid Masters was impossible until a recent order.

This order allows people to enter the country without the need for initial isolation. The order only applies to highly-qualified workers’ and this includes athletes taking part in sporting events. Consequently, players can play the Madrid Masters right after the US Open, which is great news.

Playing US Open And Madrid Masters

While many players are going to happy about this, there are still some unanswered questions. The most important one for players is whether the order applies to coaches since it hasn’t been specified. If the order does not apply to them, players will be forced to choose between events, again.

Even if coaches are allowed, players might still think about not playing one of the events. This is because they are bound to be worried about their health. Playing two successive events with virtually no time in between can prove detrimental, especially given the hiatus this season. So, if they were to choose an event, which would they choose?

From what many players have said, they will likely pick the Madrid Masters. Novak Djokovic and many other players have said that they are not happy with the restrictions that will be imposed on those playing the US Open. In addition to that, the rising cases in the United States may compel them to skip the event.

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This is not something any tennis fan wants. Hopefully, it will not happen and we will see many players playing both the US Open and the Madrid Masters, once the ATP Tour restarts in August.


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