Patrick McEnroe Gives Verdict on Roger Federer Winning Another Grand Slam

Federer snapback

World Number four Roger Federer has been defying the laws of nature and has been victorious on the men’s tour throughout his career. Tennis experts predicted his retirement from the sport when his 41-match winning streak at US Open finals was snapped by Juan Martin del Potro in 2009.

But by proving all of them wrong he engraved his legacy in tennis by conquering Grand Slams in his mid-thirties.

Presently Swiss maestro has called off his 2020 season and has undergone knee surgeries. Former doubles French Open champion Patrick McEnroe believes the Swiss wizard will bounce stronger when he returns to action as 39-year-old tennis professional.

McEnroe believes Roger has the ability to reproduce the same magic next year. “I think he can, I think he can,” ESPN analyst Patrick McEnroe told Forbes. “We’ve been saying this for five, six years, it’s not going to get any easier.”

“He pulled the rabbit out of his hat. Well, he did more than that the last time he came back (in 2017) winning at the Australian and then winning Wimbledon again. So 39, he’s had some time off, he came back refreshed last time, can he do it again? He’s Roger Federer, so I’m not going to say he can’t.”

“I’m not going to guarantee he’ll win another one but I’m not going to say. We’ve already said before he’ll never win another one and then he won a couple more so let’s hope he can come back and go out with another year or so playing well and being able to be in the mix. That would be great to see.”

Patrick McEnroe Gives Verdict on Roger Federer Winning Another Grand Slam

In 2017, Federer came back from a six-month-long layover and as World Number 17 he lifted up the Australian Open title after playing an epic final against his arch-rival Rafael Nadal.

Also, he won three Masters 1000 titles, Wimbledon, and concluded the year as World Number two tennis player. That season is regarded as one of the greatest comeback seasons of all time in the history of tennis. Tennis world and Roger’s fanbase awaits for him to emulate in the same in the season 2021.


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