Patrick Mouratoglou: “The Reason why I broke up with Serena Williams”

Patrick Mouratoglou dating Serena williams


Serena Williams and her coach Patrick Mouratoglou may just have better chemistry than most professional tandems. Rumors abound that the two are actually an item. The Detroit Free Press reports on rumblings from French website PKTennis. Here are a couple of photos that the website snapped that proves the two are far closer than most players and coaches would be.



So consider this an amorous expression. Before you go on thinking this is an all-play and hardly-any-work relationship, the Detroit Free Press report reminds us just how successful Williams’ coach has been.



Patrick Mouratoglou cosy and romantic relationship with .Serena Williams
Maria Sharapova opened up on Serena Williams’ relationship with Patrick Mouratoglou: Serena Williams and Maria remained rivals and a friendship hardly developed between the two at least till Maria was playing on the Tour. On one such incident where the absence of love between them was seen came during the 2013 season.



Serena and Venus Williams’ conversation was leaked where Serena had made some ugly comments about Sharapova and her they boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov who reportedly dated Serena for a short period.



Serena Williams pictured getting cosy with her French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou
Serena has a reputation the world over as a fearsome competitor who hates to lose. But as the former World No.1 Serena Williams landed at Perth airport on Saturday, all that appeared to occupy her mind was the angle that showed off her best side as she posed for snaps with beau Patrick Mouratoglou.



Serena cosied up with her coach and beamed for a series of selfies. The pair, who have been dating for more than two years, looked intimate outside the international airport as they stood cheek-to-cheek while peering into the iphone screen.



Serena Williams pictured getting cosy with her French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou picx
The 5ft 9ins star looked in perky spirits as she beamed for the phone camera wearing thick-rimmed glasses and clad in dark sports clothes and trainers. She wore just a slick of rouge and left her long ringlets loose over her shoulders as she chatted animatedly to her trainer, whom she first fell for in September 2012.



Her jewellery was kept to a minimum with just two rings on one fingers, a simple chain and a gold bracelet. For his part, Mouratoglou, who runs a tennis academy in France and has been working with Williams since her early departure from French Open in 2012, looked relaxed in slashed jeans a casual jacket.



Serena Williams dating coach Patrick Mouratoglou

The pair appeared comfortable in each other’s company outside the international airport as they greeted fans and journalists and chatted about the week-long tennis tournament. Yes, that is either Williams showing affection, or her trying to steal Mouratoglou’s wallet. We like to think she is doing alright for herself and hardly needs the money.

Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou pics

“She should talk about her boyfriend that was married” When Maria Sharapova attacked Serena Williams by speaking of her relationship with Patrick Mouratoglou. Serena Williams and former beau Patrick Mouratoglou cosied up for a series of selfies at Perth airport ahead of the Hopman Cup tournament.

Serena Williams dating coach Patrick Mouratoglou pics

“At the end of the day, we have a tremendous amount of respect for what we do on the court. I just think she should be talking about her accomplishments, her achievements, rather than everything else that’s just getting attention and controversy. If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend (Patrick Mouratoglou) that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids.

Serena Williams & Patrick Mouratoglou rumoured to be dating ...

“Talk about other things, but not draw attention to other things. She has so much in her life, many positives, and I think that’s what it should be about,” said Sharapova hinting toward Serena’s alleged relationship with her then coach Patrick Mouratoglou after Serena had spoken ill of Maria and Grigor’s relationship.


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