Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

Profitability of Poultry Farming

Chicken farmingPoultry farming is the breeding, growing and sustenance of domesticated birds (chicken, turkey, geese, duck, etc.) for either commercial purposes and/or for personal consumption.

Poultry farming is beneficial anyway and often times very lucrative.

Remunerating as in the use of the conclusive outcome; chicken and egg are in consistent demand to a great extent and it happens to be a serious wellspring of animal protein outside fish, pork and meat.

Even more fundamentally poultry things fall into the arrangement of white meat, acknowledged to be progressively strong for human use.

Because of the delicate and sensitive natures of the birds, producers are really very careful, hence keep up a key good ways from catastrophe which could be a direct result of disease polluting the birds.

A real instance of the kind of affliction that can pollute the birds is “bird flu” which can get out the entire fowls rapidly.

Nigeria is a big market for poultry dealers since people usually prefer poultry products to red meat because of health reasons.

A bit of the diseases affecting particularly the elderly people, for instance, hypertension, cholesterol and heart related sicknesses are connected with red meat.

Why Poultry developing business is fulfilling

Profitability of Poultry Farming

Health reasons: The decision for white meat over red meat following health reasons makes the choice for poultry products.

Ready market: The market is open for these things since everybody, young and old, rich and not too rich eat poultry products.

Quick level of gainfulness: Investing in a day old chick, in forty five days can get high advantage as well as bring in high profit.

Beginning capital expense: The starting capital is low in relation to some other endeavors and businesses.

With as small as ₦50,000.00, you can start with around 100 day old chicks and in about 60 days, you are selling totally grown chickens or you can rely on selling eggs. At any rate the downside of poultry farming and developing you should think about as it includes but not limited to:

Disease outbreak; The poultry farm may experience ailment eruption or the sporadic outbreak of disease. If the illness isn’t controlled quickly it may be dreadful to the birds and hence cause shortages or total loss of all the birds.

Feeding: The feeds may be of low quality which may incite malnutrition and poor turnover of the birds.

Theft: Thievery by workers of the poultry farm can’t be blocked.

Here are the way to start poultry farming business:

Profitability of Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Put aside some time to get comfortable with the tricks of the business.

Choose broiler breeding or egg breeding or both and have your money ready.

Set and prepare the region and location of your farm.

Set up a poultry farm structure.

Get equipment for the poultry farm.

Workers for the poultry.

Buying of chicks.

Dealing and feeding the chicks.

Selling the products as far as possible.


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