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Prince Harry ‘shows signs of guilt’ as he gives update on Lilibet and Archie -check.



PRINCE HARRY “seemed to be missing his two children” as he gave a touching update on how he and Meghan Markle were doing following the arrival of their baby girl last month, a language expert has claimed.

Prince Harry, 36, returned to the UK to unveil a new statue of his mother Princess Diana at Kensington Palace earlier this month.

Ahead of the engagement, the Duke of Sussex travelled to Britain alone, leaving his wife Meghan Markle, 39, their son Archie, two, and newborn baby girl Lilibet behind in California.

After self-isolating at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor for five days, Harry stepped last Wednesday night to attend a charity event.

The Duke went to a special WellChild Awards 2021 event at Kew Gardens where he spoke to parents supported by the charity and gave some touching updates about his own children.

Speaking to the father of one little girl who asked how Harry was doing following Baby Lilibet’s arrival on June 4, Harry said: “Two is definitely a juggle.”

He later told another guest: “We’ve been lucky so far, she’s very chilled and seems happy to just sit there while Archie is running around like crazy.”

The Prince also talked about his newborn daughter as he chatted to Harvey Eustace, 11, and his family.

Harvey, who has Autism and ADHD,received a special recognition award for creating a memory garden for his local community for people to go and reflect on those they have lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mum Steph Freeman said: “He was saying the baby is lovely. He was so down to earth, it was really nice to see him back here.”

Language expert and author Judi James analysed Harry’s updates on his children for and claimed his words seem to hint he is pining for home and may feel some guilt about not being there.

Judi told “Harry’s comments at the WellChild awards suggest a man who is missing his two children in the US and who might even be feeling pangs of guilt that he’s not back home helping Meghan cope with one new baby and one energetic toddler.”

Harry’s reference to “juggling” his two children, hints he feels it’s a two-person job, Judi claimed.

The expert added: “When he says ‘Two is definitely a juggle’ he hints he might be thinking how that ‘juggling’ will be going on with one parent missing

The Duke may feel very emotional ahead of honouring his mother at Thursday’s engagement, Judi said.

She explained: “Harry has been overcome with emotions at these awards in previous years and the sight of all the children and young adults this year, plus the emotions building about today’s memorial to his mother would mean his own family would be very much in the front of his mind.”

Harry’s use of words when referring to his little ones makes it clear he is a “besotted” father.

Judi said: “Describing Lilibet as ‘chilled’ while Archie is ‘running around like crazy’ makes him sound like any besotted dad and the use of the ‘We’ word in ‘We’ve been very lucky so far’ suggests he and Meghan see being parents as a very shared role.”

Harry and Meghan have not been back to the UK together since they quit royal life in March 2020.

They have been based in the USA since last year and are expected to remain their long-term.

While the Sussexes will likely raise their children in the States there are hopes they could return with them to Britain for a visit at some point.

Next year is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Harry and Meghan could travel to England with Lili and Archie to celebrate the special Royal Family milestone.

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