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Queen ‘proved Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wrong’ in four-minute speech



The Queen “proved Meghan and Harry wrong” in the four minutes it took her to address the nation, it has been claimed.Her Majesty made just her fourth televised address to the nation – excluding Christmas speeches – in April 2020 at the peak of the corona-virus pandemic.

She took the time to thank the heroic NHS staff on the front line as well as the public for following guidelines and staying at home.

And, according to one New Zealand Herald editorial at the time, the speech also proved how the Sussexes are now viewed as less important by the public than the Royal Family.

The piece, titled “How the Queen proved Harry and Meghan wrong in four minutes”, read: “It is a striking, powerful image: A woman who commands an army and heads up a religion alone with one of her 2.4 billion subjects, united by a common cause.

“The popularity of the Queen’s speech was not restricted to the United Kingdom. In France, 2.35 million people tuned in and it was carried live in Germany and across all the major channels in the US and in Australia on the commercial networks.”

It added: “In just four and a bit minutes, the 93-year-old managed to demonstrate the astonishing, remarkable relevance and power of the monarchy.”

At the same time this was happening, Meghan and Harry officially opened their charity Archewell.

The charity aimed to bring “education and training materials”, as well as deliver podcasts, films and books to bring forward a conversation about the mental health crisis.

But the editorial, which has resurfaced following the bombshell allegations made by the Sussexes this year, suggested it would not match the work done by The Queen: “Let’s talk about another number here: 11.3 million.

“That was the number of followers that the couple’s Sussex Royal Instagram account boasted prior to April 1, the day that marked the duo’s official departure from royal life and thus the day they were no longer allowed to brand themselves ‘royal’.

“Or to put it another way, less than half the number of people who, in the UK alone, tuned in for Grandma’s televised address this week.”

The editorial went on to claim that the pandemic had exposed the “hollowness” of their newfound charity model and would never be able to replace the Royal Family’s standing in public life.

It concluded: “With only 532 words, Her Majesty demonstrated the relevance and sheer, innate power of the monarchy to provide genuine comfort on a global scale.”

This week, The Queen spoke about the world’s efforts to tackle climate change and how the methods need to “change”.

It comes after her daughter, Princess Anne, attended the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute on Thursday (July 1) to learn about their work.

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