Rafa Roundup: Nadal and Gasol raise more than €14m for Red Cross

rafael nadal and pau gasol

Rafael Nadal and the NBA’s Pau Gasol have announced that their Red Cross campaign has been successful in raising €14 million, more than their goal of €11 million.

The campaign also asked other Spanish sports figures to help with coronavirus fundraising in Spain, one of the most affected counties in Europe.

“I think that between all of us we have achieved something important,” said Nadal. “Not only the funds, which is more than 14 million, so the goal has been fully achieved, but the togetherness that we have shown.”

From 2005 to 2019, Rafael Nadal has lifted 12 titles and won 93 of his 95 matches at Roland Garros. If the city of Paris dedicated a street to their adopted Spanish son, it would be apropos to make sure it went only one way.

“Rafa is fine playing 10-12 events a year, making sure he is up for the French, getting his matches in, playing the Masters Series events on clay. Going into the US Open with very few hardcourt matches, Rafa feels comfortable about it. I think that he used to feel the desperation to take reps on surfaces that weren’t clay and now he is comfortable enough at the ripe old age of 34 to kind of go and trust the process.”

“He is going to have to grind through the first couple of rounds to gain form. But then once he does that, he is a legitimate contender at any Slam. As long as Rafa is healthy, you got to think he’ll win one Slam a year at least.”

Remember Rafael Nadal’s capris? Or the year his French Open final victory was played across two days?


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