Rafael Nadal assures: “We’ll be together again”

Rafael playing

In times like these when the future is uncertain, people need uplifting messages and Rafael Nadal stepped forward with a beautiful one during these days. The Spaniard described the situation we’re all going through as a world, but he also shared the thing we must do to come out of it victorious.

“Sometimes life brings us down when we least expect it. Sometimes we lose matches we thought we’d won. Sometimes our body doesn’t respond to us when we need it most. And life separates us from those we love the most,” said Nadal in the latest video released by his academy.

Rafa in action

“Those are the times when you have to be stronger. To show ourselves that there is a way out, that it can be done. Rely on the people who have always been there for us. And fight so that everything goes back to the way it was,” Rafa continued.

Simply said, each one of us needs to find the force to get past this period within us, and if that’s not enough, reach to your dear ones, safely, to the ones you could always count on. “We’ll come back with more desire to see and hug each other.

We’ll be back to play all the pending matches. We’ll be together again. And this will have been Our Best Victory”, Rafael Nadal concluded his message.


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