Rafael Nadal: More concerned with Aussie Open 2021 than what happens later this year

Rafa the Giant

Spain’s Rafael Nadal says he does not think that the global tennis circuit will resume in 2020 and that he hopes to be back on the courts in 2021, in an interview to the Spanish media outlet El Pais. When asked whether he would be seen on the courts again this year, the 19-time Grand Slam champion says, “Hopefully, but I don’t think so.

Unfortunately … I sign to be ready for 2021. Hopefully, I’m more concerned with the Australian Open than what happens later this year. 2020 I see it practically lost. I hope to be able to start next year.” Like everybody else who is struggling during the quarantine period, Nadal says he does like the new normal and prefers old normality with adaptions.

“I don’t believe in the new normal. I like the old normality, but with adaptations. Learning from everything that has been happening to us. Human beings have a good thing, the great capacity for adaptation, but they also have a bad one, a great capacity for forgetfulness.

Sometimes we forget about the bad things and how good we are when we are well. I just hope this is all an apprenticeship, but unfortunately I’m afraid we will complain about any nonsense soon. It is the reality of the human being, we have that defect.

In the end we only value how healthy you are when you are sick; we only value how lucky we are to be able to have food on the table every day when we lack that food.” Nadal has been involved in various efforts to raise funds for those who have been impacted by the current crisis and sending encouraging messages to his fans on social media.

“I think I’ve almost always been around people. Here, where I live, I am a close person and I lead a normal life. During all this time I have not stopped recording videos and videos and videos for people who are having a hard time, and financially and socially I help what I can.

Between Pau [Gasol] and I we have joined the Red Cross Responde project and we are trying to unite as many people as possible to create something beautiful. I am very grateful for the collaborative level of everyone: athletes, artists, companies, federations, citizens.”


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