Rafael Nadal Reveals What has Helped Him to Have a Longer Tennis Career

If Rafael Nadal and his achievements on the court were not enough to floor you, his ideas about life certainly will. The 20 time Grand Slam champion is uncharacteristically simple, considering his immaculate achievements.

He credits his stability to a simple life routine. In addition, it helps the Spaniard to be grounded. “Sport cannot be separated from life. If I had gone to live on the other side of the world, separated from my family, friends and my loved ones, I would have suffered and dragged that emotional wear on the track.

The fact of not having separated myself from my usual environment, since I was a child, has helped me to have a longer career. That emotional stability, that normal, simple daily life, has also helped me keep my feet on the ground and not go crazy when I won or see everything negative after a defeat,” he added.

Nadal has mentioned in the past that he takes a keen interest in records, but he is not in infamous ‘Big 3 Grand Slam race.’

He feels there is more to life than just being a great tennis player. He said, “The personal issue is more important than the professional one. I always say that I would like to be remembered as a good person, good people, much more than a champion or anything else.”

He also laid stress on the fact that it’s more important for people who know you to have a positive opinion about you.

Rafael Nadal And The Latest On him

Rafael Nadal, currently in his hometown, took to Twitter to announce his availability for the Rolex Paris Masters. Surprisingly, he has never won at the Bercy and the best he has ever managed is a semi-final finish.

A title at Bercy would mean an extra 640 points, helping him close the gap between him and the current World No 1, Novak Djokovic.

Much to the delight of the fans, he is also in the pool of 7 men for the ATP Finals in London.

Rafael Nadal currently stands one shy of 1000 singles wins in ATP Tour events, with a high probability of becoming only the second player after Roger Federer to achieve the feat.


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