Rafael Nadal’s wife: “No one call me Xisca, but …”

Rafael and Wife

Maria Francisca Perelló, Rafael Nadal’s wife, is well known for having always had a low media profile. Despite this, in Spain she is very popular, both for her beauty and for being the wife of one of the legends of Spanish sport.

Maria worked in the asskcurat sector and now she is Project Manager of the Rafael Nadal Foundation. Before the marriage with the 12-time French Open winner it was evident that she was prepared to have a normal life. Here are some of his statements to the microphones of La Vanguardia: “A lot of news that media has spread around me is not true.


First of all I have to say that my birthday is not July 7th! It is true that there is still some time left, but it is not in July, it will arrive sooner and I think we will live it in quarantine.” She also said an important news on the nickname Xisca, which media had been giving her for many years: “No one at home and in my environment calls me Xisca, everyone has always called me Meri.”

Francisca is currently being quarantined in Manacor with Rafael Nadal and she told some anecdotes of their lockdown: “We train at home, obviously as far as possible. I do a workout of about an hour, characterized by elastic bands and push-ups.

Passion for sport? I have always trained, but only for myself and never seriously. In the past I played volleyball and I was interested in gymnastics and fitness. When on vacation I play Paddle Tennis with Rafael.” Rafael Nadal and Meri Perelló got married on 19 October 2019 with a ceremony in Mallorca: Rafa crowned his dream of love at the end of an exceptional season, after winning the French Open and the US Open.


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