Reasons why Serena Williams appoint her sister Venus Williams to design her new house

There is so much more to the American great Serena Williams than just tennis. Being a 23 time Grand Slam winner, she is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and creatively intelligent individual. In a conversation, the American revealed insights on her properties in L.A, Paris, and the latest in Miami, Florida.


Committed to play in the upcoming 2021 Australian Open, Williams is currently decorating her new home in Florida. She will reportedly have to travel via chartered flights to Melbourne Park between January 15th and 17th. Her last Grand Slam title came in the same tournament back in 2017.

serena williams and daughter

“I don’t have one particular style”: World No. 10, Serena Williams
Contrary to her full-throttle playing style, the American has a varied mindset when it comes to house decoration. To describe her style, Williams answered with examples of her own residences.

“It changes from house to house. My house in L.A. is traditional with classic furniture and modern hints. I had an apartment in Paris, and it was more just about color blocking. I don’t have one particular style. Now that I’m in Florida and building a house, it’s supermodern but livable. So, it’s discovering that balance,” Serena said.

Moving forward, she mentioned the designer who is working with her house in Florida. It is none other than the former World No. 1 in singles and doubles, her sister Venus Williams.

Serena appointed sister Venus to design her house
Much like younger sister Serena, Venus is too involved in many things besides tennis. Along with her interior design company, she recently launched her own planet-based diet brand – inspired by her own battles.

Winning 3 Olympic gold medals in doubles together, Serena and Venus are one of the most influential pair in tennis history. The 39-year old American confirmed, “I’ll be working with V Starr Interiors. They’re doing everything, and it’s been great. They’ve had some amazing input, and I’m also super hands-on.”

Williams elaborated, “Not being afraid to have something just totally different, unexpected, or whimsical. For example, we had this pillar that we couldn’t move. So, we used it and made it a stand-out piece, with light coming from the top of it. It’s so amazing,” about the home-designing experience with her sister.

On a tennis court, the sister-duo might shine again in the first major tournament of 2021. Finally confirmed to start from 8th February, Serena will see to touch Margaret Court’s all-time most Grand Slam titles record.


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